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Public Finance Management

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The global crisis has marked impact on fiscal balances and debt ratios across the world. With a modest recovery in economy activity underway, there is need to identify and implement strategies for a post-crisis world. With rising citizen expectations, issues of improved public service delivery, transparency in government operations and effective and efficient governance have come to the fore. Formulating next generation of Governance tools and results oriented public financial management is the way forward.  

Our wide range of services and the specific competencies on public finance processes re-engineering, fiscal reform assistance and cost reduction and efficiency enhancement allow us to help Government departments, executive agencies, local authorities to improve management performance and operational efficiency in considering the current cuts in public spending, the need of more transparency and the growing citizen’s expectations.

Our global PFM&T cluster brings together our best experts around the world to provide our clients the best experienced solutions.

Key Services Offered
Public Expenditure Management

  • Budget policy and process Reforms including shift from incremental ad-hoc budgeting to medium term output/outcome based budgeting
  • Preparation/ updation of budget manual and other financial rules and codes
  • Support in incorporating Outcome and Gender Budgeting towards inclusive allocation of resources
  • Introduction and integration of medium term budgetary and expenditure framework to improve spending allocations and strategic priority setting
  • Design and Implementation of Government Financial Management Information System including Government Treasury Operations and System Reforms
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Programs and Schemes with built in checks, standards, analysis and reporting functionalities leading to increased accountability and responsiveness
  • Fiduciary Risk Assessment of PFM systems at sub national levels
  • Undertaking Public Expenditure Reviews and Public Expenditure Tracking surveys

Revenue management and Tax Reforms

  • Impact assessment of impending reforms such as GST
  • Advisory services for revenue enhancement
  • Advisory services for tax audit manuals
  • Advisory services for formation of specialized functional units such as arge taxpayer Unit,
  • Advisory services for Dealer/ Taxpayer education programs

Debt Management Reforms

  • Formulation of Cash & Debt management Policy and Guidelines
  • Debt Management – Debt and Loan Management rollout / Debt Portfolio Review
  • Advise on Debt Restructuring and Consolidation

Government Accounting Reforms

  • Conceptualize and implement accounting reforms at National, Sub National and Local Government such as accrual based accounting, conforming to IPSAS or complying with Supreme Audit Institutions guidelines
  • Formulation of Accounting and Audit Manuals incorporating reforms such as accrual based accounting

Capacity Building

  • Institutional strengthening and capacity development in all the above areas of Public Finance
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