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We provide diverse solutions for e-governance implementation

The e-governance landscape has changed significantly in past decade. Progress toward greater levels of e-governance maturity has continued across the government organizations.

Leading administrations are focusing on getting as many services online as possible. Additionally, there is a push to ensure that the key parameters of the new initiatives are sustainable and feasible.

We implement e-governance through the following steps

  • Defining vision, mission and objectives of e-governance
  • Developing e-governance strategy taking into account all key objectives, means and alternatives of achieving the objectives, target groups, target services and other input/resources required
  • Preparing a detailed e-governance blueprint depicting the detailed design requirements, outcome of the vision and strategic planning processes, and setting out the complete picture of the key target areas of the initiatives and their inter-linkage

Re-engineering - for fundamental improvements in operations

Re-engineering starts with the understanding that People, Technology and Process are the key elements of operations and service delivery that can benefit the citizens and employees.

Our approach to re-engineering is based on our experience of working closely with government and public sector clients in improving their operations and delivering services that are in line with stakeholder expectations. We rely on our multi-disciplinary team to evaluate recommendations from perspectives of functional domain, IT, stakeholder expectations, financial and social costs and process risks.

Architecture - key building block of any IT initiative

It is important for the organization to have a robust, scalable and secure architecture which can withstand present and foreseeable needs and lend support to the growth or expansion in the organization.

Our technically qualified professionals serve clients for their needs of development of technical architecture for the organization.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Conceptualizing the architecture
  • Undertaking market study of the latest technology available
  • Interacting with leaders in the industry
  • Sourcing any relevant secondary research
  • Taking client team through to designing the specifications for the architecture

We have vast experience of providing similar services to various government agencies.

Sourcing - process of selecting an asset or service provider

At EY, we understand the limits within which a government organization has to work. Day-to-day work load hinders in the comprehensive process of selection of an asset or service or service providers.

We provide the following sourcing services:

  • Evaluating multiple sourcing models
  • Detailing a procurement strategy
  • Developing tender terms and conditions
  • Evaluating criteria for transparent evaluation of the bidders
  • Providing commercial estimates of the tenders
  • Assisting in bid management
  • Evaluating the bids and assistance in contract signing

Our expertise in working with several government departments for the entire lifecycle of sourcing and procurement.

We are a vendor-neutral organization. This enables the sourcing advisory services to be backed with leading in class experience.

Program implementation - our end-to-end assistance

We work with our clients through all stages of program implementation, from conceptualization, designing, architecting, sourcing, reviewing vendors’ work and deliverables, and assisting client team in performing their share of the responsibilities.

This is how we help you in program implementation:

  • We help in program implementation by reviewing the vendor deliverables for adequacy and completeness, managing user-acceptance tests, assisting in resolution of any technical issues, planning for pilot and full roll-out and monitoring vendor performance against the set service levels.
  • We review the training content and oversee the training programs conducted by the vendor for the department.
  • After the successful implementation and roll-out of initiatives, we assist in evaluating the project outcome against stated and envisaged goals.

Program implementation by our team of professionals increases the user confidence, satisfaction levels and helps ensure alignment with the client’s objectives.

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