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News on Music and Radio in the Indian M&E sector - EY - India

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News on Music and Radio

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Here is a list of some recent News on Music and Radio in the M&E space.

License judgment passed in favor of radio channels

According to the Bombay High Court’s recent judgment, FM players will now have to only deal with Phonographic Performances Limited (PPL) to obtain a license to play music on their stations, and the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS) cannot claim or demand royalty or license fees for playing its recorded music. Music Broadcast Private Limited (MBPL), which runs 26 radio stations in the country, has been fighting a case against IPRS since 2006. It had demanded a refund of INR12.7 million, which it had paid as royalty to the IPRS for broadcasting the latter’s sound recordings due to its misconception of the law for nearly a decade.

This is a landmark judgment for the entire radio industry, wherein it has been established that when music labels or producers buy the rights to sound recordings, this subsumes any other rights, and radio broadcasters need to only pay royalties to label owners19.


19 “License judgment in Radio City's favour, IPRS to appeal," Indiantelevision, 27 July 2011, via Dow Jones Factiva © 2011

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