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Deccan Chronicle Holdings to seek relaxation from lenders

Deccan Chronicle Holdings is seeking relaxation in stipulations in relation to its loans, to stave off bankruptcy. A corporate debt-restructuring package, if approved, will result in up to INR32.7 billion in loans from 28 banks and financial institutions being recast.1

HT Media eyes Deccan Chronicle to enter southern markets

HT Media has started to size up the operations of Deccan Chronicle Holdings (DCHL), with an eye on entering India’s southern markets. According to sources, a senior management team from HT Media is evaluating various opportunities in south India. The team conducted a study of DCHL and submitted a report to its management, but did not meet DCHL’s management. It sought feedback from the market in terms of the area-wise circulation of Deccan Chronicle, the target age groups of its readers and its readership profiles.2

DB Corp gets FIPB’s consent to increase foreign equity participation

DB Corp Ltd. has been permitted by the FIPB to increase its foreign equity participation to publish its newspapers and other publications and also conduct its FM radio business. However, the FIPB has not as yet quantified the inflow of FDI allowed by it.3


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