Our CFO program

What it means for the CFO to excel

We believe these six segments cover the core elements of the CFO's role. Explore these to access insights relevant to each.

  1. Accounting
  2. Audit and Auditors
  3. Corporate Governance
  4. Related party transactions, loans andinvestments
  5. Mergers, reconstruction and capital raising

Our program seeks to provide insight and guidance on aspects of interest to CFOs, and future finance leaders, as they seek to develop themselves, their teams and learn from others within their community.

1 Accounting

  • Financial year
  • National Financial Reporting Authority
  • Financial statements
  • Financial statements authentication &board’s report
  • Rights of member to copies of auditedfinancial statements
  • Re-opening/revision of accounts
  • Preparation of consolidatedfinancial statements
  • Control vs. subsidiary
  • Definition of the term associate
  • Depreciation
  • Utilization of securities premium
  • Declaration and payment of dividend
  • Issue of bonus shares
  • Free reserves
  • Registered valuers

Companies Act 2013


2 Audit and Auditors

  • Appointment of auditors
  • Rotation of auditors
  • Independence/prohibited services
  • Eligibility, qualification & disqualification
  • Removal/resignation of the auditor
  • Reporting responsibilities
  • Penalties on auditors

Companies Act 2013


3 Corporate Governance

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Serious Fraud Investigation Office
  • Directors
  • Independent directors
  • Code of conduct for independent directors
  • Liabilities of independent director
  • Audit committee
  • Other committees
  • Internal audit

Companies Act 2013


4 Related party transactions, loans andinvestments

  • Definition of relative
  • Definition of related party
  • Related party transactions
  • Restriction on non-cash transactionsinvolving directors
  • Loans to directors and subsidiaries
  • Loans and investments by company
  • Disclosure of interest by directors

Companies Act 2013


5 Mergers, reconstruction and capital raising

  • Mergers and reconstruction
  • Capital raising

Companies Act 2013


6 Representing the organization to external stakeholders

Companies Act 2013

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