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Meeting investors’ 2020 agenda: More open and more innovative - EY - India

EY's 2012 attractiveness survey: India

Meeting investors’ 2020 agenda: More open and more innovative

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Investors remain committed to increasing operations in India. Sixty–nine percent of the respondents that have an international presence intend to increase (50%) or maintain (19%) their operations in the country.

Investors are also more demanding. They want to secure their investments in easily accessible (63%) and predictable business climates with FDI-friendly regulatory environments (62%).

Priority measures to improve future attractiveness

Indian business conditions raise concerns among global leaders. Our survey respondents believe that improving infrastructure network (76%) and better governance and transparency system (60%) will have a high impact on India's attractiveness.

In the long term, investors highlight innovation as a challenge for India. Forty-three percent of investors think that it needs to improve the quality of its labs and research institutions. More specifically, 38% of investors cite distance between research institutions and corporations as a roadblock to developing new products in the country.



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