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October 2015

  • Tax: Tax avoidance, a global scourge
    The Government will likely implement some BEPS recommendations in the next budget. Stakeholders should be well prepared to ensure no serious business disruption or protracted litigation.
  • Tax: India tax in a post-BEPS world
    Tax payers might have to relook at their supply chains, holding and financing structures to determine their relevance in the emerging paradigm.
  • Tax: Is India ready for BEPS?
    Taxpayers must evaluate the implications of recommendations of BEPS, as also monitor legislative and tax administrative developments in countries of their interest.
  • Tax: Unilateral, bilateral, multilateral: winds of change post-BEPS
    Countries can look at re-negotiating bilateral tax treaties, since tax treaty changes will be addressed under the multilateral instrument and will take a couple of years.

September 2015

August 2015

  • Advisory: Is Aadhaar enough?
    With the Supreme Court stating that Aadhaar is not the only mandatory proof, the Parliament might have to step in and prove its legitimacy.
  • Tax: Tax rate of just 10% to replace existing structure
    In an interview with Mythili Bhusnurmath, ET Now, Satya Poddar comments on goods and services tax (GST) bill recommendations by the Rajya Sabha's select panel.
  • Tax: GST: still not a lost cause
    Despite the select panel’s report, the GST bill can still be saved with simple adjustments and support from stakeholders.

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May 2014

  • Tax: Curbing tax litigation is vital
    Many believe that the new government would prove to be a principle catalyst in enabling economic growth for the country. This article reveals.
  • Direct Tax: The DTC dilemma
    The third version of the Direct Taxes Code (DTC) was placed for public debate recently as part of the government’s tax reform for revision. Learn more.
  • Personal Tax: Taxability of globally mobile employees
    With the number of globally mobile employees on the rise, their taxability in India depends on their residential status during the financial year.
  • Transfer Pricing: Will related-party transaction norms work?
    Differing opinions and varying views on the computation of arm’s length price has made transfer pricing a contentious issue.
  • Transfer Pricing: Administering APAs
    Advance means of agreement on Transfer Pricing issues has become a critical element worldwide today
  • Policy & Regulatory: Hyderabad tilt in AP split
    Background work for the budgetary exercises for Telangana and residual Andhra Pradesh should start without delay to prevent future uncertainty.
  • Personal Tax: International workers: EPFO seeks to ensure stricter PF compliance
    The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), in its latest move, aims to ensure stricter provident fund compliance when it comes to foreign workers in India.
  • Personal Tax: How to make rental income less taxing
    The nature of taxability on the rental income will depend on how the property is rent out. Read more.

April 2014

  • Advisory: The analytics challenge
    Analytics is likely to change the competitive landscape in quite a few industries in the years to come.
  • Advisory: Making Boards accountable
    Several key modifications have been brought about in the Companies Act 2013 related to Board governance.
  • Policy & Regulatory: A bleeding fisc
    The new central government’s efforts towards a growth-stimulating fiscal strategy may be constrained by the fiscal imbalances that it will inherit.
  • Personal Tax: How stock-based incentive plans work
    Stock-based incentive plans are widely used by organisations worldwide for their perceived benefits in the long run to both employers and employees.

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September 2013

  • Corporate tax: New hurdles to foreign buys
    The RBI recently reduced the net worth limit for overseas direct investment, aimed at arresting the rupee's decline by curbing foreign exchange outflow.
  • Transaction tax: Count your steps before you invest
    The new Companies Bill lays down restrictions on investing through more than two layers of investment companies, bringing transparency in shareholding and funding structures.
  • Indirect tax: Will gold rush past the import duty hike?
    The recent hike in customs duty on gold, platinum and silver appears to be an attempt to lower import demand and stimulate the domestic market.
  • Transfer Pricing: Marginally safe harbor
    The draft safe harbor rules with its high margins are unlikely to find any takers unless within an acceptable band to attract taxpayers.

August 2013

  • Transaction Tax: On an accountability drive
    Companies Bill mandate for companies to ensure transparency in business dealings will significantly raise corporate governance standards, and force companies to do business the right way.

August 2013

  • Transaction Tax: Companies Bill: The new law should set the M&A market on fire
    The Parliament recently passed a younger, thoughtful and austere Companies Bill with radical changes. How will it impact businesses and companies in the coming years?
  • Transaction Tax: For a corporate world without borders
    The Companies Bill ushers in a new dimension to corporate restructuring, in terms of opportunities, additional compliances, and increased responsibilities for stakeholders and regulators.
  • Transaction Tax: New law is a step towards responsible India Inc.
    The Companies Bill retains the old provisions of the Companies Act, but also adds stronger and progressive provisions.
  • Personal Tax: Tax Return Simplified: Accuracy is the key
    Providing accurate information is the most important factor while filing tax returns to ensure speedy and error-free processing.
  • Personal Tax: E-filing of tax returns is not so complicated
    Mandatory e-filing of income tax returns are uncomplicated, eco-friendly and can ensure faster processing and faster refunds!
  • Personal Tax: Reporting your foreign income & assets
    Individuals need to diligently file their tax returns to comply with the changed reporting requirements for income earned and assets held abroad.
  • Corporate Tax: Better deal for R&D centers
    Globalization has led many multinational enterprises (MNEs) to establish research and development centers in India, focusing on higher value-added services, innovation and transformation.
  • Personal Tax: Remember to take your TRC for foreign assignments
    The requirement for a Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) is essential for individuals who can claim relief under the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between the countries.
  • Personal Tax: Does taxman know you've moved?
    This article discusses the importance of updating personal details at banks and financial intermediaries to prevent hardships in financial planning and tax compliance.
  • Indirect Tax: Time for states to exit from entry tax
    The non-inclusion of ETILOO (entry tax in lieu of octroi) has posed several challenges to the Indian economy. This article explores.

July 2013

  • Tax: Dialing the right number
    Can the removal of limit on foreign direct investment in the telecom sector provide regulatory stability and reassure foreign investors? This report reveals.
  • Personal Tax: Sebi gears up to clamp down on shell employee benefit schemes
    Amended Sebi Esop guidelines issued in May 2013 are applicable to all employee benefit schemes (including non-Esop benefit schemes) linked to securities of the company.
  • Corporate Tax: Revised TP Circulars: Major Relief To India Inc.
    Amendments to transfer pricing issues relating to Research and Development (R&D) centers would provide greater degree of operational latitude and flexibility to qualify inter-company arrangements.
  • Corporate Tax: Revised circulars: A change in FinMin stance
    Recent regulations on the determination of transfer pricing (TP) for development centers (DCs) are truly an unprecedented and welcome initiative from the finance ministry.
  • Corporate Tax: Buying overseas oil and gas assets? Local taxes apply
    Acquiring energy assets abroad is greatly governed by various tax and regulatory challenges.
  • Corporate Tax: Taxman calls up conciliation
    Conciliation of tax disputes may encourage foreign investors towards greater stability, trust and friendliness in India's tax regime.
  • Indirect Tax: Key to supply chain management
    The shifting balance of world trade from developed economies towards rapid growth markets have a significant influence on the supply chain, thus impacting indirect taxes.
  • Corporate Tax: Getting PE funds
    The debt-laden infrastructure sector is prioritizing on viable, long-term funding and private equity (PE) investments for strong growth.
  • Personal Tax: International workers: EPFO gets tough on employers
    The Employee's Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has recently introduced stringent guidelines for International Workers (IWs) with related penal consequences upon non-compliance.

June 2013

May 2013

April 2013

  • FIDS: Can you hear the whistle blowing?
    The newly passed Companies Bill is likely to bring about significant changes in corporate governance standards. More on this article by our FIDS Leader Arpinder Singh.
  • Personal tax: Documents in hand for hassle-free filing
    Though the income-tax return forms are annexure-less, the tax department may seek supporting documents at a later stage.
  • Corporate tax: Comforting big business — too important to fail
    It is crucial that the Large Taxpayers' Unit is perceived as a high-quality tax administration forum with professionals equipped to understand the complexities of large corporates.
  • Indirect tax: Inspector raj with power to arrest
    In cases where the taxpayer has collected service tax of Rs 50 lakh or more and not deposited it for over six months, there can be arrest without a warrant.
  • Consumer products: Directly in the mix
    Direct selling is vital to cementing relationships with customers, says Dinesh Mishra of EY.
  • Infrastructure: The dragon way
    China’s integrated development model holds lessons for India. More in this article by our PPP leader Abhaya Agarwal.

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