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Technology Enablement

We focus on providing wide-ranging services to support business process improvement initiatives. The market for IT solutions has considerably evolved in the last decade. Targeted, specialized solutions have emerged that focus on delivering improvements to complex business processes. However, for these technologies to be deployed, knowledge and experience of the business processes capabilities of IT solutions are required.

We offer the following technology enablement solutions:

  1. ERP transformation
  2. Supply chain management 
  3. Enterprise intelligence and analytics (EIA)
  4. Governance, risk and compliance solutions
  5. Insurance transformation solutions
  6. Independent verification and validation

As part of our services, we assist you in:

  • Describing business and technical requirements
  • Configuration and parameterization of the solution
  • Definition and execution of tests
  • Assistance in user acceptance
  • Post-implementation performance assessment

Our deep understanding of various industries and business domains places us as a service provider of choice in this solution space.

You benefit from having a single team working on the identification, design, delivery and deployment of tactical and strategic business improvements. This also helps manage the complexity, improve the quality and reduce the risks and costs of these projects.

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IT Advisory Services

Samiron Ghoshal 
Advisory Partner & IT Advisory Leader
Tel: +91 (124) 671 4652

IT Risk & Assurance Services

Terry Thomas
Partner - Operations, Advisory Services
Tel: +91 (44) 6632 8650

Neville Dumasia
Deputy Advisory & Risk Leader - Advisory Services, India
Tel: +91 (22) 6192 0230