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People & Organization acts a people advisor to the top leadership and helps them overcome their biggest and most pressing people challenges, thereby turning their business strategy into reality.

Our services are designed to help our clients make the most of their human capital investments and effectively align human resources plans, programs and systems with their overall business strategy. We work with leading corporate clients in the private and public sector across industries. Our service offerings provide flexibility to our clients in handling their people issues in an integrated as well as stand-alone basis.

We support large-scale business transformation rendering Organization Design and Change Management and deliver HR Transformation and Talent Management initiatives.

Our service offerings:

Organization design

Our experience suggests that Organization Design acts as a critical bridge between business strategy and execution. In a continuously changing and challenging environment, it is critical that organizations periodically evaluate their design elements to optimize their core capabilities for accelerated go-to-market, especially when undergoing major transformation.

By adopting our systematic approach to the Organization Design process, organizations are able to implement structures that help towards achieving and sustaining their goals.

Key components of our organization design service offering are:

  • Strategic intent and visioning
  • As-is process & accountability mapping
  • Leverage industry knowledge and learning from leading practices
  • Develop structural options based on design principles
  • Role profiling
  • Grade structure through EY’s Role Evaluation framework
  • Manpower planning through FTE analysis

Change management

In today’s business environment, efforts to improve performance can be a challenging endeavor. Dealing with people issues such as managing stakeholders, communication, transitions and retaining talent are key concerns for leaders during a major change. In our experience, businesses need change management support to deliver performance improvement results in any business transformation initiative.

We offer a leading approach to change management, which is aligned to deliver results, is holistic and strategic in nature.

Key components of our change management service offering are:

  • Engage and manage stakeholders through effective communication and rigorous monitoring
  • People transition through focused learning and development
  • Organization alignment through cultural and process related interventions

Talent management

The ability to execute business strategy is rooted in the ability to attract, retain, engage and develop key talent. Successful talent management creates the most enduring competitive advantage by harnessing human capital to its potential.

We focus on creating alignment of talent management initiatives with business strategy to provide a healthy and integrated view of future talent in an organization.

Key components of our talent management service offering are:

  • Behavioral and technical competence systems
  • Leadership talent evaluation through assessment/development centers and multi stakeholder feedback, development planning and Program Management of Leadership Capability Development
  • Learning and development systems
  • Career and succession planning
  • Long-term capability development initiatives like executive coaching, mentoring, structured and phased training programs
  • Leveraging predictive talent analytics to define and drive talent strategy
  • Employer branding
  • Employee engagement

HR transformation

A strategic human resource function can play a pivotal role in enabling the achievement of business imperatives through its alignment with the organization’s strategy and business plan. Strategy-driven HR means having a structure and service delivery model which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of HR function, improve the customer experience and reduce the overall cost of service delivery.

Our HR Transformation service offering supports organization in creating a strategic business case for HR, identifying value adding activities and potential cost saving in short and medium term.

Key components of our HR transformation service offering are:

  • Aligning HR with business
  • HR structure and HR service delivery model
  • HR diagnostic/audit
  • HR scorecard
  • HR technology
  • HR processes and policies

Performance and rewards

An improved performance management system supported by an encompassing reward strategy enables organizations to deploy and execute their business plans as well as manage their performance. Effective reward management focuses on aligning employee’s behavior with organization’s expectations; rewarding people fairly, equitably and consistently in accordance with their value to the organization and the marketability of their skills.

Our performance and rewards method focuses on creating an objective and transparent system, which is able to drive organization objectives and contribute towards higher employee engagement.

Key components of our Performance & Rewards service offering are:

  • Performance management system
  • Organization scorecard and performance metrics
  • Reward strategy
  • Compensation and benefits survey
  • Compensation structuring
  • Incentives – long term and short term

HR process efficiency

The HR function today is making a wider organizational impact by accelerating operational improvement by tightening controls around its core HR processes. HR processes such as recruitment and talent management processes; HR administration, HR reporting, performance and rewards, payroll, etc., are increasingly being examined to identify opportunities for structural and operational improvement so as to deliver increased value at reduced costs.

We can help clients overcome their process deficiencies and realize sustainable performance improvements by leveraging leading practices and business insight from industry.

Key components of our HR process efficiency service offerings are:

  • HR process efficiency
  • HR process effectiveness assessment
  • Internal HR controls
  • HR metrics

People risk assessment

High-performing organizations are taking a more holistic approach to risk management including a broader perspective of enterprise-wide risk with an increased focus on the people risk, which is the risk associated with the people in the organization and managing talent.

We provide a defined framework to help organizations strengthen their competitive people advantage by proactively managing people risk.

Key components of our people risk assessment service offerings are:

  • HR risk analysis
  • HR compliance risk analysis
  • HR financial liability analysis
  • Talent risk analysis

HR transaction integration

Many companies now consider inorganic growth as a key element to their growth strategy. However, for a well executed transaction, it is imperative that people related issues are minimized during transition to optimize the transaction value.

EY supports organizations in realizing the full value of transactions by unlocking the real potential of people resources during the case of a merger and/ or an acquisition.

Key components of our HR Transaction Integration service offerings are:

  • HR due diligence
  • Accelerated integration planning for people and people system integration
  • Extended integration management on people Issues

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