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Risk Advisory

We help our clients in managing their risks and achieving their business objectives, so all our Risk services are connected with this expectation.

To safeguard the future of companies’ risk, it is vital to manage the risks companies face:

  • Define what their key risks are
  • Assess and weigh their probability and impact on business drivers
  • Define priorities and actions to mitigate them

We can help you achieve a high-functioning, integrated risk and control environment that will:

  • Help you decrease complexity and cost
  • Improve performance
  • Protect your existing assets.

Our key service offerings:

Anti money laundering

Our Anti Money Laundering (AML) advisory assists financial services companies identify money-laundering risk, detect suspicious activity, comply with regulations and leverage technology.

We assist organizations with assessment, improvement or monitoring of their AML compliance programs with a proven, globally coordinated approach.

Contract risk services

We help companies manage their contractual rights and obligations with third parties in an effective manner.

Streamlining and standardizing contract management processes helps reduce risk exposure, manages costs better and enables better visibility to commitments on both the buy and sell side.

Enterprise risk

Through our service offerings, we assist companies establish a risk management structure and framework for identifying, assessing and reporting on significant risk matters to the Board of Directors and senior management.

We help clients improve their risk management function and ultimately create strong risk awareness across various layers of organization for sustained business benefits.

Internal audit

Our internal audit offering assists clients with:

  • Conducting Internal audit (IA) reviews on behalf of the client as part of the client’s IA plan
  • Conducting IA planning, risk assessment, execution and reporting to the Audit Committee

We help companies strengthen their control environment in the normal course of business or due to planned business changes, error, fraud, legislation, restructuring, business development.

Internal controls

We perform an assessment of a client’s internal controls relative to strategic, compliance, operational and/or financial risks of their business environment. By combining our knowledge of financial, strategic, operational, and compliance risks, along with deep internal controls experience, we can help companies develop a financial risk-focused internal control program. Our solutions help enhance companies’ process and control efficiency, leverage their investment in internal controls, and address their financial reporting compliance needs (Sox, JSoX).

Development advisory services

Development Advisory Services (DAS) is a distinctive service line which is focused on providing hands-on assistance to organizations involved in social development.Through our continuous involvement and varied methodologies, we provide, timely knowledge, insight and information to social sector organizations with a view to enhancing efficiency, effectiveness and scalability of their operations.

Our multiplidisciplinary team comprises of development practitioners, management professionals, social researchers and financial professionals enabling us to adopt a lifecycle approach in providing solutions to multilateral and Bilateral organizations, international funding agencies, NGOs and corporate foundations encompassing key domains such as CSR strategy, education, skill development , water and sanitation, gender and social inclusion, livelihood promotion, aid efficiency, public health and natural resource management.

Compliance risk and regulatory services

Regulators and enforcement agencies have enhanced their oversight and scrutiny on regulatory compliances.  Instances of non-compliance have often impacted both reputation and market valuation of companies.  Accordingly, the Board and Audit Committees are increasingly viewing compliance management as a top priority/risk. Needless to say, a robust compliance mechanism is mandated by Clause 49 of Listing Agreement and theCompanies Act, 2013

EY can help an organization to manage its statutory compliance obligations.  Our assistance will assist you to create a comprehensive compliance governance structure, automating compliance reporting and embedding compliance management into “business as usual”.  We have brought together our legal, risk, tax and technology competencies to help you effectively respond to your statutory compliance risk.

We can help you to:

  • Build your compliance register (list of compliance obligations) across all applicable laws - Corporate; Secretarial; Tax; Environment, Health, Safety, Labor, Industrial and regulatory requirements by RBI, SEBI etc.
  • Automate compliance tracking and reporting through EY's proprietary technology application, the Compliance Manager
  • Define appropriate compliance governance and oversight mechanisms
  • Keep your legal inventory current through updates and alerts
  • Perform compliance reviews across legal areas to identify gaps and suggest measures to improve existing compliance processes

Our team comprising of lawyers, company secretaries, EHS specialists and tax advisors have significant experience in preparing compliance checklists, implementing compliance frameworks across different industries and geographies, conducting compliance audits and reviews.

Capital program advisory

The Capital Program Advisory practice works with clients to conceptualize and realize value from building large-scale complex capital assets. The practice provides clients with leading industry insights over the program lifecycle comprising business case development, contracting strategy formulation, program organization and governance, project control frameworks (scope, schedule, cost, risk), project execution excellence (across engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning) and ensuring readiness for operations. Through our team of experienced practitioners, we enable clients to realize business objectives of capital program delivery on time, within budget and in line with quality and operability norms.

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