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Title Topic Date
Whistle-blowing: pillar of sound corporate governance What does it take to have a robust and holistic whistle-blowing mechanism? This report explores. 2015032323 March 2015
Fraud risks in recruitment and payroll Fraud and fraud risks associated with recruitment are prevalent, and yet, are often overlooked by businesses. Find out more. 2015032323 March 2015
Simplifying third-party due diligence in a complex world Understanding who you conduct business with has become more than just good business practice; it is increasingly becoming a smart compliance imperative. 2015022424 February 2015
The bridge to a safer tomorrow Despite a greater focus on inclusivity, sexual harassment at the workplace has not stopped. What are employers’ responsibilities toward protecting women employees? 2014082112 December 2014
Fraud, bribery, corruption in India’s M&E Industry Our latest survey provides relevant information on prevalent fraud, bribery and corruption trends governing the M&E industry in India. 2014082121 August 2014
Forensic technology in mitigating fraud risk This publication elaborates how forensic technology can be used to manage compliance-related requirements and mitigate fraud risks in today’s complex business environment. 2014071111 July 2014
Forensic Outlook 2014 Corporate India needs to focus on certain key trends to mitigate fraud risks in their new age workplaces, reveals our Forensic Outlook report 2014. 2014051919 May 2014
Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 How does your country measure up in the Corruption Perceptions Index? We surveyed 177 countries to find out. 2014012323 January 2014
Whistle-blowing: Impact of Companies Act 2013 The Companies Act 2013 contains mandatory inclusion of "vigil mechanism" for listed companies. Learn more on its impact. 2013112626 November 2013
Anti-corruption internal audit As the risk of prosecution grows, anti-corruption monitoring, including anti-corruption internal audits will emerge as a crucial element of an effective anti-corruption program. 2013102525 October 2013
Dangerous world Corruption risk continues to be a significant concern for global companies.Know more about the practical steps for global companies to evaluate and address corruption risk. 2013102525 October 2013
ViewPoints: Strategy, risk appetite and the board Leading audit chairs explore the emerging practice of risk appetite and the value of incorporating it into the enterprise risk management framework 2012070316 January 2013
ViewPoints: Cyber security and the board In discussion with the Managing Director of BT Security, audit chairs find out the growing sense of urgency on cyber security issues and how they can respond to these increasing threats. 2012070316 January 2013
Reporting magazine: November 2012 In our discussions with company executives and market participants around the world, we see a shift in focus to enduring performance and long-term returns. 201207037 November 2012
ViewPoints: Dialogue on Corporate Governance Audit committee chairs from leading European companies met with the European Commission to debate proposals including the separation of the board chair and CEO roles. 201207033 July 2012
ViewPoints: Evaluating audit quality Leading audit chairs from Europe share views on how audit committees can use evaluations of their companies' external auditors to improve the audit. 201207033 July 2012
Audit committee oversights of emerging markets risks As organizations look to the emerging markets to capture growth opportunities, leading audit committees are adopting new approaches to respond to the risks. 2012051616 May 2012
Current issues for European audit committee chairs This briefing explores current trends including navigating the Eurozone crisis, responding to risks in emerging markets and the increasing use of non-audited information by investors. 20120501May 2012
Fraud survey shows ethics plays a key role in growth As economic growth returns and global M&A heats up, fraud risk increases. Our fraud survey shows why an ethical foundation is critical to success. 2011052828 May 2010
Shareholders latch on to green business concerns Are you ready to deal with your shareholders' growing voice around social and environmental issues? Our report helps prepare you for what's ahead. 2011062727 June 2011
Update on public policy developments affecting the audit profession This overview provides an update on recent developments affecting auditors and audit committees, including the European Commission Green Papers on audit policy and corporate governance. 2011061515 June 2011
BoardMatters Quarterly: spotlight on thinking globally Learn about trends that are driving global business change, financial reporting developments, the UK'S fight against bribery and the European Commission's audit policy initiatives. 2011062121 June 2011
What is the future of finance leadership? While the breadth and profile of the CFO role is attracting more candidates, those with the experience to meet the evolving demands of the role are becoming fewer in number. 2011022828 February 2011
Why capital matters for competitive advantage We surveyed 490 senior executives from 32 countries, and show that it's how you manage your capital agenda today that will define your competitive position tomorrow. 2009111818 November 2009
The DNA of the CFO This survey provides insight into what it is to be a CFO today, exploring their expectations and aspirations, and the skills and relationships needed to be successful. 201007055 July 2010
European Fraud Survey 2011 Unethical behavior remains common within many corporate cultures across Europe. Those who place a premium on integrity know that ethical behavior isn't just desirable, it's also good for business. Read our European Fraud Survey 2011 to learn more. 2011051717 May 2011
Sustainability reporting: Seven questions CEOs and boards should ask Here are seven things that CEOs and boards should ask in order to prepare for the possibility of reporting on sustainability for the first time. 201102033 February 2011
BoardMatters Quarterly: staying ahead of the curve What issues are confronting audit committees in today's dynamic and global business environment? Find out in the April 2011 edition of BoardMatters Quarterly. 201104066 April 2011
IFRS Outlook May/June What you need to know about the new consolidation, joint arrangements, disclosure standards, and the new Fair value measurement standard. 201107066 July 2011
IFRS Outlook March/April: our views Read our views on the effective dates of upcoming new standards from the Standard Setters, and what we think about the proposed approach for impairment of financial assets. 201106066 June 2011
IFRS Outlook January/February: A look back, a look forward We spoke to representatives from the EU and Australian securities regulators to get their views on the impact of adopting IFRS, as well as the lessons that other countries that are currently adopting IFRS can learn from the EU and Australian experience. 201104033 April 2011
IFRS Outlook December 2010 Our views on the lease accounting proposals and proposals for insurance contracts. 2010122121 December 2010
Back seat or center stage? CFOs and the media More CFOs are talking on a broader range of topics across more varied media channels than before. How are CFOs meeting these changing demands? Learn more in our Master CFO Series report. 2010102828 October 2010
Competing for growth: how business is growing beyond boundaries From entering new markets, developing new products and services and cultivating and retaining talent, our global survey of more than 1,400 companies reveals what successful businesses are getting right in the new economy. 2011061313 June 2011
Global IPO activity continues to rebound in 2011 Our eighth annual report analyzes key IPO trends from 2010 and what to expect in the global IPO market in 2011. 2011032828 March 2011
G20 Seoul Summit presses on with financial reforms G20 leaders moved forward on financial reforms, including formally endorsing Basel III aimed at improving banks' ability to withstand shocks. 2010112525 November 2010
Does your Internal Audit function have a seat at the table? To be the strategic advisor executives want, Internal Audit has to have a seat at the table. Read our report to learn why Internal Audit should be involved in all strategic decision-making to grow or improve your organization. 2010091414 September 2010

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US GAAP and IFRS convergence

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Fraud survey shows ethics plays a key role in growth

As economic growth returns and global M&A heats up, fraud risk increases. Our
fraud survey shows why an ethical foundation is critical to success.