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Webcast on Accounting for Real Estate Transactions - EY - India

Webcast on Accounting for Real Estate Transactions

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What is the webcast about? 

In this webcast, our subject matter professionals discuss the key changes in accounting and other aspects arising from the revised Guidance Note on Accounting for Real Estate Transactions and its impact on Indian real estate companies. The webcast also covers major challenges and accounting issues that companies may face, including our perspective on these issues.

Tune in to listen to the archived version of this webcast on Accounting for Real Estate Transactions. The webcast was hosted by Dolphy D'Souza, Head – Technical Directorate, Assurance services and National Leader, IFRS Services, EY Pvt. Ltd. Click here to get started!


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), in February 2012,  issued a revised Guidance Note on Accounting for Real Estate Transactions, to harmonize the accounting practices followed by real estate companies in India.

The revised guidance note is applicable to the real estate projects that commence on or after 1 April 2012 and to instances where revenue recognition starts after this date. However, earlier application of the revised guidance note is also permitted.

The revised guidance note is expected to have a significant impact on revenue recognition of real estate companies. In addition, it involves many practical issues/challenges and some of these don’t have absolute clarity.

Here is the agenda of the webcast:

  • An overview of the guidance note
  • Practical Challenges/accounting issues and our perspective
  • Key business impact

Take this opportunity to understand the accounting perspective for Indian real estate companies, its business implications, as well as the challenges it presents.

Technical details of the webcast

Please click here to tune in to the webcast

If you are unable to access the link directly, copy the above address into your internet explorer to obtain access.

We also request you to connect your headsets to the computers, in case the volume on your computer is low.

On clicking the link:

  • A page will appear requesting you to register.
  • You will be able to use your registered e-mail ID as your login for the webcast.
  • You will be able to hear the audio and view the slides through your system.

Recommended technical specifications:

  • You will require Windows Media Player 9.0 or above for the live webcast, in addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 and above.
  • Computer/Laptop — minimum Intel P4 Processor with Microsoft Windows Operating System, 1GB RAM, good quality multimedia kit with speakers/headphone, internet connectivity — ideally should be broadband with at least 512 kbps and above dedicated bandwidth.
  • Firewall, Proxy server, etc., should allow audio/video streaming content; Ports 80 and 8080 should be opened to allow streaming content (please contact your IT/Network team to help with this setting).
  • Please use a high-speed USB wireless broadband data card to view the live webcast via the internet (in case streaming content is blocked on your network).
  • Open the Webcast URL only in Internet explorer i.e. IE
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