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Strategic Growth Forum™ India 2012- Daily Briefing - EY - India

Strategic Growth Forum™ India 2012

Daily briefing: Friday, 7 September 2012

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Minister clears the way for infrastructure progress

Anybody who thought that India’s top politicians were free from robust public scrutiny would have been put right yesterday, as Maharashtra state’s Chief Minister Shri Prithviraj Chavan took his place on the SGF India stage.

In a wide-ranging interview conducted by Shekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief of The Indian Express, the Chief Minister was pressed on topics such as delayed infrastructure projects, slum clearance, “crony” capitalism, breaches in law and order, and the weakness of India’s parliamentary democracy.

Shri Prithviraj Chavan outlined the Government’s policy to ease slum conditions in the city (Mumbai) by building new townships on its outskirts, but insisted that progress must not be confined to urban areas.


When asked where he draws the line between politicians facilitating private sector investment and crony capitalism, Chavan said that while there is nothing wrong with incentivizing investment, decisions should be based on bidders’ experience and capabilities — and be taken at the end of a rigorous and transparent process

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Filling up the well of ideas

Leading innovators offered their insight during Friday’s panel discussion on game-changing business models.

Market conditions are difficult in many parts of the world. So when growth is hard to come by, what steps can you take to expand your operations?


Introducing the session, EY’s Guru Malladi outlined four elements you will need if you want to change the game – intuition, innovation, ideas and implementation.

According to Tata Chemicals’ Arup Basu, for large, well-established companies to innovate, their leaders need to adopt an “ancestor mindset.”

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Sunny outlook for cloud computing

A panel discussion on cloud computing highlighted the opportunities that this new technology brings, but also raised concerns about the control and security of data. Cloud computing is poised to grow as companies develop a more comprehensive understanding of how it fits their business strategy.

Break-out economies, explained Schreiber, are those non- BRICS that share common characteristics such as strong growth rates, young populations and low debt-to-GDP ratios. Examples include Indonesia, South Korea, North Africa and Poland.

Cloud as a strategy is here to stay.


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Breaking through and building trust

What comes first – the message or the medium? This was one of many issues with which branding leaders grappled at a lively panel session on Friday afternoon.

Global companies must retain a core message, so that they build up consistency and ultimately consumers’ trust.


EY’s EMEIA Marketing Leader Andrew Shaylor set the tone for the discussion by presenting four features of the post-global financial crisis economy. These, he said, are market variation, market volatility, cost competitiveness and uncertainty – and they all impact upon an organization’s brand. 

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Look west once again for growth and opportunity

SGF India 2012 geared up for Friday’s Brazilian-themed entertainment with an afternoon session on market potential in Latin America. Aegis’s Sandip Sen said his company is attracted by the region’s skilled workforce and high-growth potential. He advises potential investors to compare labor laws, tax regimes and incentives across Latin America before choosing where to target their money.

Gabriel Rozman, from the TCS Global Delivery Network, picks out Chile as a stable and predictable business environment.


But opportunity in Latin America is not all about Brazil. And it is not just about infrastructure. Mexico attracts investment from India in areas as diverse as manufacturing and entertainment, explained Aldo Ruiz, the Mexican Investment and Trade Commissioner.

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