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India Tax Webcast series

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At EY, we regularly conduct the audio and video webcasts on most topical issues, updating you on the changing tax and regulatory norms, their possible implications on your business and opportunities to be leveraged.

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New ‘Diverted profits tax’ in the UK & Implications for Indian MNCs

Audio Webcast | Duration: 90 minutes
24 March 2015 at 3:30 p.m. – 05:00 p.m. (IST)


The UK is introducing a new tax that is proposed to be effective from 1 April 2015 – the ‘Diverted Profits tax’ (DPT). The DPT represents the UK's domestic measures on BEPS Action 7 (Avoidance of PEs) and BEPS Action 9 (Transfer Pricing issues relating to risks and capital). A number of other countries have indicated that they might look to introduce similar rules.

In this webcast, we have put together an elite panel of EY experts in this area, who will discuss on the relevance of this new tax for Indian headquartered multinationals, focus on specific case studies where the DPT could potentially apply to Indian MNCs and provide some practical approaches to address the DPT legislation. EY has had a number of discussions with HMRC on the draft legislation as well as its potential application to a number of scenarios, and we look forward to sharing these insights with you during this webcast.

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EY - Matthew Mealey

Matthew Mealey

Ernst & Young LLP (UK) – Partner & National Office Leader, International Tax Services

Mat is the Partner leading Ernst & Young's International Tax Services Group (‘ITS’) for the UK and Ireland. He has over 20 years experience advising clients on international tax matters. Mat advises on a wide range of strategies to manage international taxes. He works across all industries focussing mainly on UK and US headquartered multinationals.

EY - Simon Atherton

Simon Atherton

Ernst & Young LLP (UK) – Partner, Transfer Pricing & Operating Model Effectiveness

Simon is a Partner in the Transfer Pricing and Tax Effective Supply Chain Management practice within Ernst &Young LLP. He joined Ernst & Young in 2004 and is based in our city office located at 1 More London Place.

Simon specialises in UK and international tax issues around business restructurings and international trading and has worked on global European and single-country value chain restructuring projects covering the entire value chain. He specialises in multi-country project management and his areas of experience include Transfer Pricing, International Tax and Tax effective business models.

EY - Kannan Raman

Kannan Raman

Ernst & Young Limited UK (India Branch) - Director, International Tax Services

Kannan is a Director in the International Tax Services team at EY UK and has over 15 years experience in advising Indian and UK groups on a range of cross-border issues. Kannan is currently based in India and advises Indian groups on their UK and European tax matters.

EY - Jayesh Sanghvi

Jayesh Sanghvi

Partner, Ernst & Young LLP (India) & National Leader - International Tax Services

Jayesh is the International tax leader at EY India and has close to two decades of experience in corporate tax, in particular international tax and transaction structuring. His forte lies in cross-border transactions, transfer pricing planning, documentation and controversy management and assisting companies in international tax planning.