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Working in India - Visa and registration requirements for expatriates - EY - India

Working in India

Visa and registration requirements for expatriates

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Foreign nationals can secure visas to enter India in the applicable categories listed below:

Nature of visa Purpose
Employment visa Individuals intending to take up employment
Project visa For executing projects in power and steel sectors
Business visa Visiting India on business visits
Tourist visa Visiting India on tourism
Student visa Pursuing studies/academic courses
Entry visa Other purposes not covered elsewhere (including accompanying families of foreign nationals)
Research visa Pursuing research in any field
Transit visa Travelers passing through the country
Missionary visa Missionaries of registered charitable trusts
Journalist visa Media representatives
Conference visa Event organizers and visitors
Sports visa For professional and amateur sports people, judges and adjudicators who want to come to India to
participate in their field of sport
Medical visa For seeking medical treatment in India at recognized and specialized hospitals and treatment

Business visa

Business visa will be granted to individuals visiting India for business purposes and not for full time employment. They are granted under specified conditions that include the assurance of the financial standing of the applicant, as well as his or her expertise in the field of the business in question.

  • Issued only from the country of origin or from the country of habitual domicile of the individual. However, a US national can get a business visa with a validity of 10 years and a multiple-entry facility.
  • Multiple entry facilities will be granted for a period up to five years or for a shorter duration.
  • It will be granted with the stipulation of a maximum stay of six months for each visit. If the maximum 6-month length of the stay has not been stipulated, an endorsement requiring registration with the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days will be made on the visa.


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