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Managing capital and transactions in a changing world

Need to make better and more-informed decisions about how to strategically manage capital and transactions in a changing world? Let us help.

The Capital Agenda puts your capital needs at the heart of our strategy and focuses on the issues that matter most to you:

  • Preserving capital

    Every business needs to continuously assess the potential impact of evolving market conditions on the performance of its operations and its capital base. Even in a recovering market, companies believing themselves in a stable position can find their situation can change.

    The preservation of capital requires that companies continuously scour their strategies, markets and balance sheets to reassess strengths and weaknesses.

    The focus should be:

    • Stress and distress — e.g., liquidity issues and turnaround plan
    • Customer and supplier analysis
    • Preserving tax assets and minimizing costs
    • Refinancing and restructuring debt, equity and other obligations
    • Dealing with stakeholder relationships and pressure
    • Dispute resolution

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  • Optimizing capital

    EY - The Capital Agenda

    Today’s economic climate is forcing businesses to candidly assess their financial fitness.

    More than a mere review of operations, companies today must conduct objective assessments of the alignment of their business strategies.

    The focus should be:

    • Optimizing asset portfolio
    • Delivery of synergies and effective integration
    • Improving working capital and releasing cash
    • Optimizing capital structure
    • Optimizing tax and corporate structure

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  • Investing capital

    EY - The Capital Agenta

    Investors in your organization want to know why: why this transaction, why at this price and why now?

    Complicating matters, differing stakeholders increasingly bring differing expectations of investments and returns.

    The focus should be:

    • Acquisition and alliances
    • Delivery of synergies and effective integration
    • Planning and structuring transactions to optimize stakeholder return
    • Focused due diligence to mitigate risk and drive value
    • Asset valuations
    • Cost- and tax-efficient structures

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  • Raising capital

    EY - The Capital Agenta

    A company’s ability to raise capital quickly and effectively is integral to its growth potential and financial well-being. This is true in good times and in bad.

    Whatever the motivation for raising capital, companies can access new funds more effectively if they have planned ahead. They should know how and where they could access capital, if they need it.

    The focus should be:

    • Fundraising (equity and debt): IPO readiness, right issues, PE, private placement and capital markets
    • Optimizing funding structures
    • Asset divestment
    • Infrastructure projects
    • Cost- and tax-efficient structures

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