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This is our media centre, where you can access our press releases or contact our media relations team. We aim to provide a responsive, friendly and effective service to help you meet your deadlines.


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FIDS:EY FIDS’ forensic outlook for 2016   Hello GST: Power companies' costs set to rise
Transactions: Indian M&A upbeat – up 18% by value   GST: Boon or bane for FMCG?
Business environment: India most attractive investment destination   Hello GST: Impact on paint sector
Automotive: Indian automotive industry at crossroads   Hello GST: Impact on the auto industry
Technology: India’s ecommerce setup - are we there yet?   Tax: Retrospective tax still a concern for foreign investors
FIDS: Data integrity issues persist in pharma industry   Tax: Phase out of incentives in line with DTC agenda
Telecom: Call for regulatory aid to create “Digital India”   GST: Break free of the legacy mindset
FIDS: Bribery and corruption continue their rampage   Tax: This festive season - physical or paper gold?
FIDS: Corporate India awakens to sexual harassment threat   Tax: Tax avoidance, a global scourge
FIDS: Corporate India embracing whistle-blowing   Tax: India tax in a post-BEPS world
Advisory: Newer technologies such as digital will attract more than 25% of the IT budgets, says EY-CIOKLUB Survey 2015   Tax: Is India ready for BEPS?
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