Transformational growth and opportunities

From start-ups to large corporations and national governments, organizations worldwide are embracing cleantech as a means of growth, efficiency and competitive advantage. Will you be a part of the next industrial revolution?

Tap into our knowledge and industry on emerging and expanding cleantech issues:

  • Electric vehicles are moving into the fast lane

    Battery-powered electric vehicles (EV) are poised to change the social, political and economic landscape – while also transforming existing vehicle manufacturers and creating new enterprises and business models.  In partnership with our Global Automotive and Global Power & Utilities Centers, the Global Cleantech Center is exploring this new emerging ecosystem.


  • Smart grid encourages new partnerships

    Along with our Power and Utilities network, we are helping our clients understand the implications of the power transmission efficiency and smart grid, and plot their strategies accordingly.

    Creating the smart grid will ultimately mean adopting technologies that transform today’s existing electricity grid. In other words, it needs to adapt to the 21st century by becoming more efficient, reliable and able to integrate renewable energy sources.

    Smart grids and smart metering are high on the list of company investment priorities. If you’re considering rolling out a smart grid initiative, our approach — grounded in industry-specific experience and committed to delivering measurable, sustainable results — can help you adapt and succeed.

  • Chief Capital Officers: essential or not?

    Just as the world thirsts for clean energy, companies are striving to provide for their thirst for capital.  In conjunction with the Global TAS Capital Agenda initiative, we are examining the need for early stage companies to focus on these specialized skills.

    Practically speaking, companies — cleantech and otherwise — should be thinking about their capital base in four dimensions:

    • Raising capital
    • Investing capital
    • Preserving capital
    • Optimizing capital

    Within certain segments of cleantech, the capital needs are enormous because most of the technologies and infrastructure that will power the future are still in early-stage development or just entering commercialization. This leaves a funding gap that will require focus, innovation and no small degree of determination to fill.

    See how we can help.

  • Water technologies are in demand

    In both emerging and western geographies, the demand for water is increasing at rates that cannot be satisfied with existing systems and sources – globally, the demand for potable water is expected to double in the next 20 years.  From investors to global corporations, new technologies and businesses are being created to address this global opportunity.

    Is your company prepared?

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  • Accessing global markets: emerging to global & global to emerging

    As the world becomes increasingly connected, our clients look to us, as the most globally integrated organization in our profession, to create advantage for them through our global reach and capabilities. Our strength lies in our ability to combine deep local knowledge with our global experience in serving multinational clients and large accounts.

    As such, we have identified the need of key global organizations to transform their operations in a manner that allows them to enter emerging markets to both capitalize on market opportunities while also access key domestically developed technologies.

    We can help you compete effectively.

  • Renewable energy: a closer look

    Around the world, countries and companies are faced with the need to reduce exposure to volatile energy prices and greenhouse gas emissions, and improve energy security of supply. Energy users, utilities, independent project developers and investors are presented with a wide range of opportunities in the renewable energy sector, underpinned by renewable energy regulatory regimes to support investment and ambitious targets to reduce emissions.

    We work with many businesses and Governments worldwide to address the renewable energy issues of today and anticipate those of tomorrow. Our experience spans over more than 15 years and has included onshore and offshore wind, a wide range of solar technologies, biomass, geothermal, marine technology, energy from waste, coal mine methane and carbon capture and storage. We have also advised on renewable heat and renewable fuel for transport projects.

    With our in-depth understanding of renewable energy technology and regulation, our significant experience, scale and global reach, we are ideally placed to help our clients tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by the developing renewable energy market.

    We understand your industry and your challenges, wherever you are in the world.

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    For more information, contact Ben Warren, Energy and Environmental Infrastructure Leader.

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