Managing assets — with an eye to the future

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The asset management industry is evolving at a deceptively fast pace. Every day, your business faces new and different challenges.

To achieve your potential, you need to manage growth, mitigate risk and embrace regulatory scrutiny — in a clear-sighted and decisive way.

EY can help you do this. Drawing on deep technical experience and knowledge of your industry, our asset management sector professionals can provide relevant insights into your most pressing issues.

Through our Global Asset Management Center we bring together people and ideas from across the world. As a focus for knowledge sharing, it enables us to anticipate trends and their implications for our clients.

As a client of ours, you receive a seamless, consistent high-quality service, wherever you are located in the world. And your business gets the help it needs to address the challenges of today — and tomorrow.

How are asset managers preparing for Solvency II?

Our latest survey reveals that engagement with insurers is deemed one of the biggest challenges to asset managers’ Solvency II Programs. Learn more.

Eurozone Forecast: Outlook for Financial Services

Our latest Outlook for Financial Services forecast looks at what the latest financial developments mean for the region's banks, asset managers and insurers. Learn more.

The 2011 global hedge fund survey: coming of age

In this year’s hedge fund survey, we focus on how perceptions differ among investors and hedge fund managers in important areas such as governance, fund expenses, administration, succession and capital raising. Discover what’s top-of-mind for senior figures in the hedge fund industry and where opportunities lie for future growth.

We’re ranked #1: Operational Risk & Regulation 2011 consultancy awards

We are pleased to announce Operational Risk & Regulation ranked us as the leading consulting firm for the third consecutive year, in addition to placing us first in the following categories: Basel II/III, corporate governance, fraud/financial crime prevention, treating customers fairly, anti-money laundering, regulation strategy and enterprise-wide compliance and risk management strategy.

How FATCA will impact alternative investment funds

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) will have a far-reaching effect on US and foreign alternative investment funds. Although the new rules aren’t effective until 2013, several steps are critical to the initial FATCA assessment process. We show you how to prepare.