Keeping agile, responding quickly

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The technology industry is driven by relentless innovation. The demands of your customers change all the time. You need to get new products and services to market — as quickly as you can.

Within this environment it’s vital that you manage your risk and financial operations carefully and keep your organization agile.

Our Global Technology Center can help you do this. It brings together a worldwide team of professionals to work with you — a team with deep experience in providing assurance, tax*, transaction and advisory services. And it anticipates market trends and their implications. This means you benefit from guidance and information on which to base your important decisions.

As well as understanding your industry, we offer you a consistent, high-quality, seamless service — wherever you are in the world. So you get the support you need to respond quickly to change.

* In Japan, Ernst & Young Tax Co. provides you with tax advice.


Global technology M&A update: 2Q12 highlights

Technology mergers and acquisitions YOY value slowed in 2Q 2012. Transformative technologies continue to drive deal volume, but economic woes impact deal value. Learn more.

Global technology M&A update: 1Q12 highlights

Macroeconomic pressures kept global technology M&A activity flat this quarter. Nonetheless, the five key mega-trends continue to drive innovation and strategic transactions. Learn more.

Cloud computing issues, impacts and insights

Cloud computing is a fundamental shift that will alter the technology industry power structure and undoubtedly change consumers’ habits and expectations. Is your company prepared to adopt this “new mainstream” IT-approach? Discover what it takes to make the most of the transformative force of the cloud.

Global technology M&A update: 3Q11 highlights

While M&A value declined in other industries, the aggregate value of global technology M&A increased 8% sequentially. It was the second consecutive quarter dominated by big-ticket deals in which established companies pursued strategic growth trends, but interestingly, PE firms contributed more than half of the deals valued above $1 billion. Learn more.

Global technology M&A update: 2Q11 highlights

Average deal-value in 2Q11 rose to a level not seen since 2000. Cloud computing, smart mobility, sector consolidation, the smart grid, solar energy and internet and mobile video were the trends behind 2Q11’s ten multibillion dollar transactions. Learn the dynamics driving deals and the outlook for continued M&A growth in technology.

Global technology M&A update: 1Q11 highlights

The first quarter started the year off strong for global technology M&A, with deal volume increasing 26% YOY and 13% sequentially — the eighth consecutive quarter without a decline. As technology innovations steer society toward a “smart world,” we anticipate a strong year for M&A. Learn more about today’s driving trends.

Global technology M&A update: 4Q10 highlights

2010 had a full-year increase of 41% in deal numbers and a 26% increase in total value. While mobile, social and cloud dominated the industry, other trends drove deals as well. Will M&A growth continue into 2011? Find out why we say “yes” and which trends point to renewed confidence.