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  • 2014 tax reform outline
  • Outline of tax reforms to stimulate investment
  • Japan’s tax reform outline announced
  • Japanese government affirms scheduled initial increase in consumption tax rate
  • Significant changes to the Customs Tariff Law effective 1 April 2013
  • 2013 Japan tax reform outline
  • Amendment of the Japan-US tax treaty
  • 2013 Japan tax reform outline


  • Japan implements Asian Business Location incentives
  • National election in Japan
  • Potential delay in releasing Japan’s 2013 tax reform proposals may not have significant effect
  • Update on Japanese consumption tax rate increase
  • Recent tax reforms bring additional reporting requirements
  • Japan tax reform bill including consumption tax hike approved in the Lower House
  • Japan’s 2012 tax reform adopted; new earnings stripping provision and extension of R&D credit
  • 2011 Japan tax reform
    Taxation related to financial businesses

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