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Legislative Alert Archive

Guide to the recent developments in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2015 Legislative Alerts:

  • March — Amendments to the rules on the calculation and remittance of social contributions, obligatory pension fund contributions and obligatory professional pension fund contributions
  • March — Changes to Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On customs duties rates of the Republic of Kazakhstan”
  • April — Changes to the Order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 595 dated 29 December 2014, “On the Approval of the List of Countries with Preferential Tax Regimes”
  • May — Currency regulation
  • May — Competition legislation
  • May — Attraction of foreign labor
  • July — Kazakhstan migration legislation
  • July — New budget classification of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • October — The concept of the draft subsoil use code of Kazakhstan
  • November — Amendments to subsoil use procurement regulations
  • November — Amendments to legislation regulating the attraction of foreign labor force

2014 Legislative Alerts:

  • January — Young professionals and underage employees
  • January — Corporate Income Tax
  • January — Value Added Tax
  • January — International Taxation
  • January — New feature in Kazakhstani legislation on migration issues
  • January — Obligatory professional pension fund contributions
  • January — Subsurface use taxation
  • January — Amendments to the Tax Code
  • January — Obligatory professional pension fund contributions
  • February — Amendments to licensing legislation
  • February — Amendments introduced to the legislation on the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs
  • February — Amendments to environmental legislation (Legislative Update)
  • February — Amendments to customs legislation for the period of October to December 2013 (Legislative Update)
  • February — Amendments to the legislation in the sphere of subsoil use, gas and gas supply, and production and turnover of certain types of oil products for the period from October to December 2013 (Legislative Update)
  • March — Pivotal measures for improving entrepreneurial activity
  • March — Enforcement proceedings
  • April — Pension coverage and social insurance
  • June — Permits
  • July — Rules on maintenance and use of the register of the subjects of private entrepreneurship
  • July — Rules on entrance and registration of participants of the international specialized exhibition
  • July — Establishment of a unilateral visa-free regime for the citizens of 10 countries
  • July — Program of Geological Exploration in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-19
  • August — Amendments and additions to certain legislative acts on public administration issues
  • August — đÉmendments to the migration legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • August — Amendments to certain legislative acts on improving the investment climate
  • August — Rules for calculating the average annual number of employees and income of business entities
  • August — Amendments to the labor legislation and legislation on professional unions
  • August — Amendments to the legislation on implementation of state procurements
  • December — Obtaining an individual identification number for the foreign chief executives of entities in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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