• Financial Services - connected?

    EY Luxembourg’s publication responding to the regulatory environment, applicable to the wealth and asset management, banking and insurance industry from a Luxembourg perspective.

  • European Banking Barometer 2016

    Our seventh European Banking Barometer illustrates how senior banking executives view the macroeconomic outlook and what impact it may have on the banking industry in 2016.

  • European Banking Authority 2016 stress test

    In February 2016 the European Banking Authority launched their largest-scale stress test on several European banks. Going forward, it will form a critical component of European regulatory tools.

  • FinTech adoption index

    With financial technology use growing dramatically, we surveyed 10,000 digitally active people to see what’s driving adoption.

  • Who will disrupt the disruptors?

    Marking an exciting new editorial direction, the Winter edition of the Journal of Financial Perspectives is dedicated to FinTech.

  • Regulating from within

    As banks face an array of challenges, will rethinking strategy help them thrive? We explore trends that will impact their strategies to drive a sustainable future.

  • Single Resolution Mechanism: Resolution planning

    A bank’s resolution strategy, detailed in a resolution plan, will aim for continuity of critical functions, with minimal impact on financial stability or recourse to public resources. Find out more.

  • Single Resolution Mechanism: Getting a headstart

    A bank’s resolution strategy will aim to achieve the continuity of its critical functions as a going concern while minimizing the impact of the resolution on financial stability and with minimal recourse to public resources.Such strategy will be laid out in a detailed resolution plan.

  • Transforming talent: Global Banking Outlook 2016

    If banks are to rebuild a viable industry, transforming their people is as important as transforming their products and processes.

Guiding an industry in transition

Amid significant global regulatory reform, banks and securities firms are faced with numerous challenges and sweeping changes. As they seek to comply with new regulations while meeting the expectations of customers and shareholders for service, transparency and return-on-investment, banks are wrestling questions such as: How should operating models evolve? Where are the greatest opportunities for growth? What is the most effective way to raise and manage capital?

At EY, we have only one question for you: What issues can we help you with today?

Cost of regulation and its impact on the Luxembourg financial marketplace:

BCM_Regulatory-Reform_Cost_of_regulation EY & ABBL conducted a survey on the investments made, the recurring costs incurred and the perception of recent regulations by Luxembourg banks.


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