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Advisory services

Real Estate product launch services

Commercial design

Talking through the commercial design of your investment product with the EY team will give you the confidence that the specifications in your “term sheet” are integrated and complete, aligned with target investors needs and practical from an operational point of view.

Tax and legal structures

Interaction with our tax and legal experts will ensure that the appropriate regulatory framework is selected based on the commercial design of the product. We will also help you establish and build a stable and tax neutral structure that best fits investor needs over the life of the fund. Critical areas, such as maintaining appropriate substance over time, and ensuring that the technical benefits of optimally structuring a product are not outweighed by the cost of operational complexity, are always key considerations.

Financial frameworks

Investors are increasingly demanding in terms of reporting to them and adherence to industry best practices. At the same time there is a balance to strike with the cost of complex reporting. Our team guides you through the design of an appropriate financial framework, including Net Asset Value (NAV) calculations, methods of asset valuation and other key judgments and estimates, and the disclosure of information to regulators.


Whether using your existing operational platform or creating one from scratch, our team supports you in the smooth launch of your product.

Risk management, governance and controls

Whether you are an investor, manager or board member, with an ever increasing focus on formalized risk, governance and control frameworks by investors and regulators, our specialist team helps you keep ahead of the game.


Platform design, risk and performance improvement advisory services

Our real estate risk and performance improvement (PI) advisory services professionals help clients make informed decisions in order to achieve a competitive advantage by managing risk, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies.
Our advisory services aim to give you an edge through optimizing key business and risk management processes and targeted performance improvement projects.
Our services:

  • Developing risk and liquidity management frameworks
  • Designing and implementing governance frameworks
  • Business process and operational performance improvement projects
  • Cost optimization and working capital improvement projects (based on Total Expense Ratio (TER) and other performance analysis)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Advice on deployment of critical IT systems (property management, data rooms, workflow management, accounting and valuation systems)


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