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Transaction services

Our real estate transactions services help companies along the transaction lifecycle’s three stages: acquire, hold and exit.

Identify deals

Covering most global strategic markets and supported by strong local teams, our international transaction support team can help you conduct strategic reviews of portfolios and advise on a range of acquisitions and disposals. This can be conducted at the level of individual assets, portfolios, or investment through joint ventures or funds.

Qualify deals

High-end transaction due diligence is a key element of any successful deal. Our specialist team performs high-end tax, financial and commercial due diligence as an integrated package. Also, in order to accelerate transaction cycles and enhance your ability to raise capital, we can also assist you in establishing vendor due diligence frameworks or help you prepare a track record, set up data rooms, or prepare for investor due diligence on your operating platform.

Structure transactions

Our tax and legal transaction structuring team helps you to apply tax strategies to individual deals in an efficient way. Our tax team combines a deep understanding of your overall tax needs and strategies with attention to detail in working thorough structuring scenarios and connecting with a like-minded network of tax experts in target jurisdictions to ensure a balanced outcome.

Integrate acquisitions

Quickly and safely integrating and stabilizing acquisitions into existing operating platforms is critical to the efficiency of the overall model. Our support includes helping you to clarify the technical accounting for acquisitions, stabilizing acquisition balance sheets, applying appropriate purchase price accounting, and integrating the reporting processes. Our team can also support you with post deal integration projects associated with fund mergers, re-domiciliation, or the integration of operating platforms.


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