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The new European GDPR and its impact on Data Privacy Management     
The new European GDPR and its impact on Data Privacy Management

On 25 January 2012, the European Commission published its proposed General European Union Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), eventually replacing the current legislation (1995 Data Protection Directive n°95/46/EC).
The event will highlight the main new requirements to anticipate the new risks and opportunities provided by the future regulation and the impact on your compliance agenda.

AIF Club - Securitization in Luxembourg    
AIF Club - Securitization in Luxembourg

The year 2014 was an important year for the revitalization of the European Securitization markets. Various regulatory institutions reasonably consider securitization as a suitable tool for further support of the economic development within the European Union. The year 2014 has become a starting point for discussions on qualifying securitizations that provide for higher quality. While this topic receives awareness, these discussions need to be continued and consequences towards a preferred regulatory treatment of qualifying securitizations need to be implemented. The event is going to discuss selected elements that may influence the future potential of securitization in Luxembourg. As usual, the event will host plenty of networking opportunities.


AIF Club event   
AIF Club - Middle East relationship and Islamic Finance - investing in changing realities

The development of the relationship with the Middle East region has been and will certainly remain one of the most strategic priorities for the Luxembourg Government and regulators, in its efforts to diversify the origin of investors.
We, at EY, are taking a proactive approach in the development of the Middle Eastern and Islamic Finance Markets. This event on “Middle East relationship and Islamic Finance - investing in changing realities” will examine insights and developments that have an impact on this sector, in general, and on Luxembourg, in particular. We have structured this event in a way to bring together subject matter experts and local players who will discuss practical issues and share insights inherent to these sectors.


   Securitization of alternative investments, April  
The Luxembourg Renminbi Forum 2015

EY Luxembourg is proud to take part in the second edition of the Renminbi Forum, that will focus on China's ongoing financial reform in a challenging economic context.
Michael Ferguson, Partner and Asset Management Leader at EY Luxembourg, will discuss the topic "Structuring of RMB Funds" with other panelists.

For more information and to register, please visit www.rmb-forum.com

General Event    
Echange d'informations - 2015 : une mise en conformité pratique

EY Luxembourg est heureux de participer à la conférence organisée par l'IFE sur le thème "Echange d'informations - 2015 : une mise en conformité pratique."
Lors de cette journée, Patrice Fritsch, directeur associé chez EY Luxembourg, présentera le sujet "Institutions financières: que devez-vous reporter? Comment?"


Pour plus de renseignements sur les inscriptions, visitez la page de l'IFE ou contactez ifebenelux@ifexecutives.com.