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16 December 2013 Eurozone moving away from crisis mode but long-lasting scars will remain

10 December 2013 EY Luxembourg helps the victims of the Haiyan typhoon in Philippines

2 December 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year in Luxembourg award: René Elvinger is the winner of the 2013 edition

19 November 2013 Static allocations may foil the growth ambitions of hedge funds  

15 November 2013 Structural change tops bank boards’ agenda but universal model here to stay

8 November 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year in Luxembourg: the six finalists just unveiled!

5 November 2013 Cyber-crime is greatest global threat to organizations survival today

17 October 2013 EY Luxembourg announces strong revenue growth of 12% reaching EUR 147.3 million for the financial year ending 30 June 2013

1 October 2013 Eurozone in recovery mode but gap between North and South still widening

24 September 2013 EY Luxembourg: new purpose, over 150 new joiners, new building

20 September 2013 EY Luxembourg reinforces its Transfer Pricing tax team

10 September 2013 “Fund flows intelligence” based on EY innovative Global Fund Distribution (EY GFD) platform

8 July 2013 3 professionals admitted to partnership as of 1 July 2013 at EY Luxembourg

2 July 2013 Mark Weinberger becomes EY Global Chairman and CEO

24 June 2013 Official launch of the Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 in Luxembourg

21 June 2013 Eurozone recovery to be slow and painful

18 June 2013 EY announces its partnership with Europe4StartUps at the ICT Spring 2013

10 June 2013 VAT package: EY presents the major changes introduced in the VAT system since 2010 and the recent major European Case law

7 June 2013 EY presents the Financial Times Guide to Leadership of Marianne Abib-Pech

28 May 2013 The Young Tax Professional of the Year award - A first of its kind in Luxembourg

7 May 2013 One in five employees aware of financial manipulation in their own company

19 April 2013 Indirect tax systems becoming more efficient, but tax authorities increasing focus on compliance and enforcement

11 April 2013 The Telecoms’ Future, what will tomorrow bring us?

8 April 2013 Global corporates question the stability of their core banking teams

22 March 2013 EY Luxembourg confirms its position of market leading Private Equity firm in Luxembourg

14 February 2013 Better times on horizon for steelmakers who survive 2013

31 January 2013 EY as a Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) for the 14th time

24 January 2013 Tenth edition of EY’s T Magazine featuring tax risk and controversy

22 January 2013 More job losses predicted by European banks as crisis refuses to fade

15 January 2013 ARM Asset Backed Securities S.A. (“ARM” or “The Company”)

8 January 2013 EY ranked most attractive professional services employer by European graduates



19 December 2012 Cleantech or the next industrial revolution

17 December 2012 Eurozone painfully progressing to stability

27 November 2012 Ad-hoc information security solutions no longer an option, as companies struggle to keep pace with today’s threats

20 November 2012 Perceived benefits of hedge fund regulation deteriorates among investors

15 November 2012 EY welcomes new tax partners

6 November 2012 EY visited SOS Children’s Village in Senegal

23 October 2012 Successful launch of the EY Tax Club

17 October 2012 Ninth edition of EY’s T Magazine featuring the changing role of the tax director

16 October 2012 EY organized roadshows on Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

10 October 2012 EY Luxembourg’s net revenues grew by 5.4% reaching EUR 131.7 million for the financial year ending 30 June 2012

8 October 2012 EY, Luxembourg named "Private Equity Advisory Firm of the Year in Luxembourg"

2 October 2012 A lost decade for the Eurozone?

20 September 2012 Private equity drives productivity and employment across Europe

19 September 2012 EY publishes 2012 edition of Investment Funds in Luxembourg

6 September 2012 EY Luxembourg recruits 150 new staff members on 3 September 2012

30 July 2012 ARM Asset Backed Securities - Statement

17 July 2012 The new edition of “La déclaration d’impôt” has just been published

13 July 2012 Eurozone leaders can no longer kick the can down the road

11 July 2012 12 professionals admitted to partnership as of 1 July 2012 at EY Luxembourg

9 July 2012 EY Luxembourg launches a special program to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its partnership with SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde a.s.b.l.

3 July 2012 Power in the banking relationship shifts dramatically to the consumer

21 June 2012 Eighth edition of EY’s T Magazine featuring the growing global momentum toward indirect taxes

19 June 2012 EY brings international experts to the ICT Spring 2012

28 April 2012 Seventh edition of EY’s T Magazine featuring the growing emergence of a 'new global executive'

25 April 2012 Private Equity deal-making continues despite slower overall M&A environment

29 March 2012 A tough 2012 but is there light at the end of the tunnel for the Eurozone?

26 March 2012 Credit squeeze to intensify across Europe as rising defaults force banks on a diet

20 March 2012 The perceived impact of the AIFM Directive on private equity in Europe

16 March 2012 Responding to the AIFM Directive – The Luxembourg Specialized Investment Fund (“SIF”)

9 March 2012 EY announces ‘Open Doors’ program to help Silicon Valley companies conduct business in Luxembourg

9 March 2012 ARM Luxembourg Statement

23 January 2012 EY’s “Trend Barometer: European Real Estate Investment Market 2012”

12 January 2012 The EY International Estate and Inheritance Tax Guide 2012 just published



16 December 2011 Bleak mid winter for the Eurozone

9 December 2011 EY Luxembourg releases the first funds cost benchmarking survey of its kind

1 December 2011 New EY survey: Tax landscape more volatile and contentious.

30 November 2011 ARM Luxembourg statement  

22 November 2011 Investors want greater board responsibility and accountability in key areas, 5th annual EY global hedge fund survey finds. (pdf, 182.5kb)   
Read the French version (pdf, 197.2kb)     
Read the German version (pdf, 187.1kb)     

15 November 2011 Rush to adopt new technologies and media by global companies leaving security threats as an after-thought (pdf, 100kb)   
Read the French version (pdf, 118.2kb)     
Read the German version (pdf, 112.6kb)    

7 November 2011 Rapid growth markets well-placed to weather economic storm (pdf, 107.5kb)  
Read the French version (pdf, 121.7kb)    
Read the German version (pdf, 129.5kb)  

24 October 2011 EY IFRS banking conference

21 October 2011 EY Luxembourg launches its
2011/2012 AIF Club program

17 October 2011 Urgent action required to avert renewed recession in Eurozone (pdf, 95.1kb)
Read the French version (pdf, 99.9kb)   
Read the German version (pdf, 100.1kb)   

12 October 2011 EY Luxembourg’s net revenues grew by over 6%, reaching EUR 125 million for the financial year ending 30 June 2011 (pdf, 112.6kb) 

Read the French version (pdf, 128.8kb)  
Read the German version (pdf, 116.8kb) 

7 October 2011 New responsibilities and opportunities for EY’s Telecommunications leaders

4 October 2011 EY Risk Club: launch of the new season  

29 September 2011 EY publishes 2011 edition of Investment Funds in Luxembourg  

29 September 2011 How to further strengthen Luxembourg in the field of Islamic finance

19 September 2011 EY Luxembourg named “Private Equity Advisory Firm of the Year in Luxembourg"

16 September 2011 160 new staff members at the premises of
EY in Luxembourg

13 September 2011 Return to warmer water
How do private equity investors create value?

8 September 2011 Fifth edition of EY’s T Magazine focused on sustainability

21 July 2011 EY publishes 2011 Worldwide Corporate Tax and VAT/GST Guides

8 July 2011 The admission of seven professionals to the ranks of Partners and Directeurs Associés at EY  

4 July 2011 Sovereign debt concerns overshadow modest Eurozone recovery  

1 July 2011 Manage your contracts effectively with
EY’s methodology

29 June 2011 EY, proud Platinum Sponsor of the ICT spring 2011  

9 June 2011 EY, Luxembourg named “Private Equity Advisory Firm of the Year in Luxembourg"  

17 May 2011 Fourth edition of EY’s T Magazine featuring Mergers & Acquisitions  

29 April 2011 Global private equity watch 2011 – winners will emerge

18 April 2011 No Spring time for the Eurozone as risks abound

28 March 2011 Tax policy under the microscope as authorities increase enforcement efforts

15 March 2011 Marketing in Europe in the post-AIFM Directive era: effectively navigating the regime

14 March 2011 Strong company performance linked to formal CFO talent development

8 February 2011 EY Luxembourg organized a PPP conference together with Luther Lawfirm and Theisen Law

4 February 2011 EY releases UCITS and new alternative UCITS in Luxembourg

3 February 2011 EY Luxembourg launches its Alternative Investment Funds Club

1 February 2011 EY is releasing its "Wealth under the spotlight – tax administration without borders" publication  

27 January 2011 Banking conference at EY: Exchange of information between EU tax authorities at the heart of discussion

26 January 2011 The third edition of "T Magazine" published by EY just released