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Title Topic Date
Life science: The major challenges concerning corruption and bribery The first of an entire series of publications examining the challenges in specialized fields of activities. 2013102828 October 2013
Bribery and corruption: Mitigating the impact of foreign legislation Corruption: many companies are actually concerned by various levels of jurisdictions without being aware of the impact of these foreign laws. 2013102828 October 2013
Reporting magazine – special edition Collection of articles on risk, reporting and corporate governance issues for audit committee members. 2013071717 July 2013
Financial Accounting, Advisory and Reporting Services. Real Estate EY Luxembourg real estate practice comprises over 120 experienced professionals. 2013070101 July 2013
Audit Committee Bulletin,
issue 4
Find out the latest issues that audit committee chairs and members are discussing with EY. 2013070101 July 2013
Anti-corruption survey in the private sector In May 2013 the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with EY Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services Luxembourg, launched an online survey to the top Luxembourg business leaders to gain insight into the “Tone at the Top” on corruption in the Luxembourg private sector. 2013061010 June 2013
InSights, Issue 17 Read about the key areas of investor activism impacting audit committees and how they can respond, in the latest InSights 2013052424 May 2013
ViewPoints: Enhancing audit committee reporting Leading audit chairs explore the potential for enhancing reporting to increase communication and transparency for investors and other stakeholders. 201305022 May 2013
ViewPoints: Board-shareholder engagement Investors meet with audit chairs to discuss the current issues impacting investor and board engagement and specific interest in audit committee activities. 201305022 May 2013
ViewPoints: Challenges of global internal audit Audit chairs discuss the challenges facing internal audit and the responses of internal audit departments and audit committees. 201305022 May 2013
ViewPoints: Strategy, risk appetite and the board Leading audit chairs explore the emerging practice of risk appetite and the value of incorporating it into the enterprise risk management framework 2012070316 January 2013
ViewPoints: Cyber security and the board In discussion with the Managing Director of BT Security, audit chairs find out the growing sense of urgency on cyber security issues and how they can respond to these increasing threats. 2012070316 January 2013
Reporting magazine: November 2012 In our discussions with company executives and market participants around the world, we see a shift in focus to enduring performance and long-term returns. 201207037 November 2012
ViewPoints: Dialogue on Corporate Governance Audit committee chairs from leading European companies met with the European Commission to debate proposals including the separation of the board chair and CEO roles. 201207033 July 2012
ViewPoints: Evaluating audit quality Leading audit chairs from Europe share views on how audit committees can use evaluations of their companies' external auditors to improve the audit. 201207033 July 2012
Audit committee oversights of emerging markets risks As organizations look to the emerging markets to capture growth opportunities, leading audit committees are adopting new approaches to respond to the risks. 2012051616 May 2012
Current issues for European audit committee chairs This briefing explores current trends including navigating the Eurozone crisis, responding to risks in emerging markets and the increasing use of non-audited information by investors. 20120501May 2012

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