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VAT, GST and other sales taxes

Our network of dedicated indirect tax professionals combines technical knowledge with industry understanding and access to technologically advanced tools and methodologies. Our globally integrated teams give you the perspective and support you need to manage indirect taxes effectively.

Our Luxembourg indirect tax team offers advice to companies active in various industries, such as advice on applicable VAT treatment based on scrutinized analysis of legal and case-law evolution of particular important for the asset management and banks industries. This also includes advice on optimization of financial flows, especially in case of outsourcing and cross border transactions, and on the appropriate methods for computing the recoverable VAT, notably considering the European jurisprudence and the VAT grouping opportunities available in Luxembourg, the recently adopted European Legislation on the place of supply rules (Directive 2008/8/EC), the EC Proposals for a Directive and a Regulation on insurance and financial services, as well as the recent ECJ decided and pending cases.

With regard to the commercial and industrial sectors, we have a large experience in providing advice and solutions to clients with regard to the VAT rules on e-commerce, telecommunication and broadcasting services, and many other types of transactions on goods and services, with a focus on cross-border supplies, as well as advice on the VAT.

We can also assist companies in their day-to-day reporting obligations for indirect tax, including notably support to your VAT compliance outsourcing, development and delivery of Sox404 including VAT proposition, pre-closing VAT review ,VAT assistance in due diligence and appraisals, quickscan of the VAT code of your ERP system, as well as delivery of VAT services on Transfer Pricing /TESCM projects.

Working closely with our network when required, our Luxembourg Indirect Tax team can overall assist companies to identify risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes throughout the tax life cycle, helping you meet your compliance obligations and your business goals around the world.

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Tax alert - Are you ready to apply for your 2015 VAT refund?

Tax alert - Are you ready to apply for your 2015 VAT refund?

Foreign VAT incurred on expenses is often perceived as a cost directly impacting the organization’s profit.
However, you may be able to recover VAT incurred in countries where you are not established or VAT registered, provided you comply with the rules. 

Tax alert - New platform for the e-filing of VAT returns

Tax alert - New platform for the e-filing of VAT returns

“eTVA” is a specific on-line system used by the Luxembourg VAT Authorities, enabling taxpayers to file VAT returns and other documents such as European Sales Lists for goods and services in electronic format.

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Banques dépositaires et application de la TVA

A la suite de l'introduction en droit luxembourgeois de nouvelles règlementations, les banques dépositaires luxembourgeoises ont vu leurs responsabilités légales et financières s'accroître au cours de ces dernières années, avec pour conséquence un impact sur le traitement TVA de leurs rémunérations

Indirect tax developments in 2016

Tax alert - Indirect tax developments in 2016

We highlight the significant volume and breadth of indirect tax changes across the globe, allowing you to consider their impact, potential opportunities and obligations.

Tax alert - Standard Audit File for Luxembourg VAT purposes

Tax alert - Standard Audit File for Luxembourg VAT purposes

In 2005, under the auspices of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Forum on Tax Compliance sub-group released a guidance note concerning the Standard Audit File. This document provided for a detailed and technical description of the Standard Audit File for tax compliance auditing purposes (SAF-T). In brief, the SAF-T is an electronic file containing reliable accounting data exportable from an original accounting system and easily readable by Tax Authorities for tax audit purposes.

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Tax Insights: the rising importance of tax talent

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