Driving growth for future success

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To grow your business, you need to identify new opportunities and implement strategies that distinguish you from your competition.

This could include creating new products, expanding into new markets or developing your people so you’re ready to grasp new growth opportunities as they start to arise.

Achieving this requires a sustained focus on operational effectiveness, making strategic acquisitions and gaining share in the right markets.

EY’s multi-disciplinary teams can provide you with integrated, objective advice to help you control costs, increase efficiency, evaluate opportunities and improve transaction outcomes.

Capitalizing on Iskandar Malaysia’s growth

Iskandar Malaysia (pdf, 820.2kb) is seen to be on its way to becoming the Singaporean “Shenzhen” with increasing business interests and activities.

Solid domestic activity fuels Malaysia’s GDP

2014 GDP growth for Malaysia is at 4.8% driven by improved household spending and a rebound in exports. Learn more in our Rapid-Growth Markets Forecast.

Reforms boost Portugal’s investment opportunities

Investors perceive Portugal as more attractive than Europe as a whole, with recent reform programs. Learn more in our 2013 Portuguese attractiveness survey.

India attractiveness survey: enabling the prospects

India remains one of the top destinations for foreign investment. Find out what makes this country maintain its attractiveness.

G20 Entrepreneurship Barometer: the power of three

Together, governments, entrepreneurs and corporations can spur growth across the G20. Find out which countries are getting it right, and which have lessons to learn.

Managing indirect taxes in rapid-growth markets

We look at both the issues and opportunities that multinational companies face in doing business in emerging and fast-growing economies. Get our insights.

Africa Attractiveness Survey 2013

Despite some ongoing skepticism, the past decade has been one of robust and sustained growth in Africa. Learn more.

Middle class growth in emerging markets

By 2030, three billion people are expected to enter the middle class, mostly in emerging markets. Our report explores the relevant opportunities for businesses across sectors.