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Wealth and asset management advisory services

De sector Wealth & asset management is een dynamische industrie met tal van uitdagingen. Het aantal organisaties dat zich aanmeldt bij onze Wealth & Asset Management Advisory Services-praktijk groeit ieder jaar. Zij worden aangetrokken door onze uitgebreide praktische ervaring en vaktechnische kennis.

Onze gespecialiseerde praktijk helpt cliënten zich voor te bereiden op groei, risico’s te beheren, hun operationele slagkracht en efficiëntie te vergroten, effectieve controlemechanismen in stand te houden, het overzicht over de regelgeving te bewaren en optimaal van de beschikbare technologie te profiteren.

Daarnaast kan deze praktijk, als onderdeel van onze Global Financial Services Group, gebruik maken van de vaardigheden van onze Tax Advisory Services en Transaction Advisory Services. Zo kunnen wij onze cliënten nog beter helpen de specifieke - ook de zeer complexe - uitdagingen het hoofd te bieden waar hun onderneming voor staat, op het gebied van concurrentie en regelgeving.

Onze diensten:

  • Risk- and regulatory-driven change

    The industry must adapt to major regulatory changes, including greater capital and reporting requirements, leverage limits, fiduciary standards, remuneration caps and new disclosures. Meanwhile, strategic and operational risks are evolving, and the role of compliance is expanding.

    We can help you design and implement a comprehensive compliance program that balances regulatory requirements, risk tolerance and operational demands. With our guidance, you can enhance your reputation and boost investor confidence, which ultimately helps attract and retain assets.

  • Analytics and data excellence

    Identifying, producing and managing regulatory, investment and client data is a major new challenge. Sufficient data analytics and granularity are crucial—not to mention the ongoing challenge of efficiently handling ever-larger volumes of data.

    We can help you with every phase of the data lifecycle. Our client work includes building end-to-end control frameworks, developing data policies and standards and addressing data quality and governance.

  • Technology-enabled transformation

    Technology offers wealth and asset management firms powerful ways to improve the reliability and efficiency of their business.

    We help clients enhance business performance via strategic technology initiatives, including architectural analysis, platform assessment and systems implementation and integration. We can also help you respond effectively to threats to your technology infrastructure, including cybercrime.

  • Revenue and growth

    Innovative products, new distribution channels and expanded geographies boost brand awareness, helping firms stand out from the competition and increase AUM. At the same time, product and distribution channel rationalization is crucial to managing the costs of expansion.

    We help our clients grow rationally and profitably via new market entry solutions, distribution and product strategies, mobile and digital advances, client segmentation and pre- and post-merger integration.

  • Operational transformation

    Increasing competition, sweeping regulatory change and other trends are forcing firms to evaluate and evolve their operating models. It’s an extremely challenging environment in which to balance business strategy, performance and cost control.

    Our expertise in the wealth and asset management sector combines proven methodologies and tools with insights from our client work worldwide. That broad experience can help you transform your operations as well.

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