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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year participants tell us that the Entrepreneur Of The Year experience is one they will never forget and which continues to offer valuable connections even after the program awards are over.



2012 EY Entreprenuer Of The Year

Craig Heatley

"I feel very honoured and humbled to have received this award. The success of Sky TV today proves that having taken a risk and thinking "outside" the square many years ago was the correct decision. I hope this inspires people who are considering entering the Entreprenuer Of The Year to be confident that we in New Zealand have the ability to be innovative, inventive and individualistic and that we can compete with anyone in the world"


2011 EY Entreprenuer Of The Year

Bill Buckley, BSL Buckley Systems

"After I wont this award, I had to take in what I had actually achieved, it was pretty special. I've had some highly respected business people congratulate me and that means a lot. It has strengthened our business relationships with major corporations around the world.

This award draws out talent that you never knew existed, I hope my story inspires so many of these quiet achievers to break their silence and show New Zealanders what they can do"


2010 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year
Tim Alpe, JUCY Group

"I've really enjoyed the whole process because I think it has made me stop just for a minute and actually think about what we've achieved and anticipate what we still have to do."

 2011 Judging Panel Diane Forman

2009 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year
Diane Foreman, Emerald Group Limited

" It's a major achievement for me. People said it would be life-changing and it is. I've received congratulations from an unbelievable number of well-wishers. The business benefits have been immense with enquiries from people suddenly wanting whole-country rights, and franchises, for our ice-cream products. The achievement has registered with many of our suppliers, further strengthening our relationships with them."


2008 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Michael Hill, Michael Hill International

"I'm now in a position of being a total advocate for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year awards - as a judge and winner, I can absolutely confirm that entering the awards will do wonders for your business and will energise all the associates who share your vision."