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About the Darden alumni programme

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The Executive Programme Alumni exists to help keep alumni in touch with each other, to inform you of alumni news and events, and to promote the leadership and management development of New Zealand businesspeople, proudly supported by EY.

Seminar programme


11 November - Auckland
12 November - Wellington

The US and global outlook: Games, Super Games and future threats - Professor Alan Beckenstein

  • Have the policies used in emergency triage (economic “Games”) turned into permanent policies (“Super Games”) that dominate the agenda to the detriment of sound long-term growth policies?
  • What are the awkward positions of the US, EU, and other advanced economies (including NZ and Australia)?
  • Why has the outlook on Emerging Markets turned in the past year?
  • Is there a financial bubble in the US? Elsewhere?
  • How might geopolitical risk affect the outlook?

Email: executiveprogramme@nz.ey.com for queries

Alumni benefits

We are delighted to offer our Executive Programme alumni the following benefits:

  • A tailored seminar programme that promotes professionally rigorous and robust discussions on contemporary New Zealand and international issues, reinforcing the learnings and ways of thinking about leadership introduced in the Executive Programme
  • Twice-yearly news updates focussing on what alumni have been doing, reports from alumni seminars, and industry updates sourced from the alumni and EY. 
  • Invitations to events of interest through EY and our partner organisations
  • Offer of Exceptional Magazine, EY's annual magazine showcasing New Zealand's top entrepreneurs plus industry updates. Please contact us  to be put on our mailing list.

Staying in touch

Please contact us  if you are updating your contact details. So we can keep you informed and updated. We also include news of alumni in the newsletter. 

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