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Advisory careers: help our clients manage risk and improve performance

Our Advisory service line focuses on helping clients to improve their performance and manage their risks more effectively. Particularly important in a challenging and uncertain business environment, with escalating competition.

We work with clients to address their specific circumstances and turn strategy into reality. Whether it’s an improved finance function, enhanced supply chain or superior customer management, we’re able to offer added value. This is why Advisory is our fastest-growing service line and an energetic, fast-paced environment with nearly 20,000 professionals around the world.

In response, we’re expanding our global network by recruiting professionals with one or more of the following competencies:

  • Actuarial
  • Customer
  • Finance
  • Financial Services Risk Management
  • Internal Audit
  • IT Advisory
  • Information Security
  • People and Organisation Change
  • Program and Portfolio Management
  • Strategy
  • Supply Chain & Operations

You’ll apply your specialist skills on diverse and complex projects, across a wide range of industries.  You’ll learn how to apply your technical discipline to solve a wider range of technical, operational or business problems. You’ll be empowered and trusted to pursue innovative business transformation strategies that deliver tangible and meaningful outcomes to your clients.

You’ll gain exposure to challenging projects, learn new skills, and build valuable relationships that will open doors for you, throughout your professional life.

Within Advisory, we operate in several business areas. Click on the tabs to find out more.

Enhance some of the world’s leading businesses

As one of our performance improvement advisors, you’ll help the world’s leading organisations improve their performance in a rapidly changing environment.

You’ll be part of multidisciplinary teams, bringing diverse perspectives to every challenge. You’ll have the opportunity to build your skills with your technical peers, as well as work closely with other areas of our organisation, such as Risk. Your career will be supported by formal professional development, senior mentoring and valuable experience with a diverse range of clients and projects.


As a finance professional, you‘ll assess and support the transformation of your clients‘ finance functions to improve their performance and effectiveness. Working with Chief Financial Officers, you’ll help  to align finance strategy with the wider business. You’ll design cost optimisation strategies using: shared services, off shoring or outsourcing initiatives and more effective planning, budgeting and forecasting.


As a customer professional, you’ll help your clients to define, identify and manage their most valuable customers to increase operational efficiency and enhance performance. You‘ll advise on how to interact most effectively with customers through marketing, sales, merchandising and customer service functions. You’ll design customer acquisition and retention strategies that improve and sustain business performance.

Supply Chain and Operations

As a supply chain and operations professional, you‘ll help your clients transform their businesses from a collection of local and regional operations, facilities and networks into a coherent, optimised global supply chain. You’ll work closely with talented colleagues from Tax, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Working Capital and Financial Management. Together, you’ll provide strategic and operational insights across clients’ supply chains to help improve business performance and streamline costs.

Enterprise Intelligence

As an Enterprise Intelligence professional, you’ll help clients master organisational information to allow management to make strategic or operational decisions. You’ll help ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, environmental, social and governance requirements and improve data reliability and accuracy. Through innovative use of statistical modelling and predictive analytics, you’ll help clients strategically consider socioeconomic and geopolitical influences such as carbon credit pricing, currency fluctuations, economic reforms, market segmentations and sanctions in emerging or aging economies and public sentiment.

You’ll leverage data visualisation to allow the combination and sharing of complex data sets containing diverse information to create easily understood and digestible insights. You’ll use data enrichment to enhance organisational data with external data sources that support market segmentations, consumer habits, market forces and pricing influencers.

Program and Portfolio Management

As a Program and Portfolio Management professional, you’ll be advising clients in the Resource and Government sectors on some of the largest and most complex Portfolio and Programs in Oceania.  You’ll be part of a team that has a diverse background with broad commercial experience, deep project relevant engineering and extensive operations change management experience. 

Our client engagements are diverse and challenging and include engagements such as; strategic advice to one of the world’s biggest mining companies on global delivery models for their capital investment portfolio; assessing the risk portfolio of a major Oil and Gas corporation's multi-billion dollar infrastructure investment programs off the coast of North Western Australia; and advising a State Transport Infrastructure Department to direct the right long term strategic investment to maintain, operate and grow the transport network over the next two decades.


As a professional in the Strategy team, you’ll focus on the development and execution of Performance Strategy which enables clients to optimise their business strategy. Performance Strategy results in client-specific actionable initiatives and drivers that will result in demonstrable sustained performance improvement.


Work with our clients to identify and respond to risk

Risk management protects business performance and helps sustain results. It’s about achieving a clear understanding of risks and developing plans to manage them. As a risk professional, you’ll work with multinational businesses and public sector organisations, helping them develop an integrated approach to risk and controls. You’ll be part of some of the most significant global internal audit and risk engagements. You’ll also team with our performance improvement professionals in multidisciplinary engagements, helping major global clients to transform and sustain business performance.

By plugging into our market-leading global network, you’ll gain the experience you need to become an exceptional risk advisor.

Risk assurance

Our risk assurance professionals provide clients with a candid and reliable overview of their risk landscape and the controls in place. Important business decisions and dispute solutions are based on the team’s assessments and certifications.

Internal Audit

Our internal audit professionals help to improve the performance of clients’ internal audit functions. They help increase the return on internal audit investment by focusing on value, cost and risk. They work with clients to unlock the potential of internal audit and enhance its value to the organisation. This often includes creating and implementing a “roadmap” for the internal audit process. Our Internal Audit practice identifies control enhancements, operational and compliance process improvement and efficiency opportunities as well as company-wide cost improvements.

Information security

Our information security professionals address the challenge of managing the information security risk in the internal IT organisation and in the cyber space. They contribute to business resilience. These professionals draw on in-depth technical and IT-related risk management knowledge from our global organisation. They provide their technical knowledge to clients, often presenting to C-level executives.

Risk transformation

Our risk transformation professionals enhance performance through creating risk enabled organisations. These professionals help clients identify important risks, design frameworks to manage them and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management. They consider issues such as business performance variability and suboptimal return on investment, inefficient operating experiences, business and process controls transformation, application security integrity, governance risk management and compliance (GRC) technology enablement, business and/or IT GRC, continuous monitoring, vendor and contract risk management and IT risk management.

Financial Services Risk Management

Our team of more than 900 Financial Services Risk Management professionals offer integrated risk management and regulatory advisory services to the banking and capital markets, insurance, asset management, energy and corporate treasury sectors. These professionals work in global, multi-disciplinary risk service teams to provide broad advisory services, from strategy to implementation support. Team members include experienced risk management professionals, quantitative analysts, risk technology architects, control professionals and former regulators. Working together, they help clients better assess and improve their risk and regulatory frameworks, integrate risk management into operations, grow revenue and manage risk to increase shareholder value.


Our Actuarial professionals combine global insight and local reach to help financial services and insurance clients develop sound strategies for today’s business environment. They work closely with the clients’ actuarial functions to assess their effectiveness, for example by benchmarking them against leading practice, in order to identify opportunities for improvement. They also provide operational support. This varies from helping insurance clients with actuarial calculations to outsourcing all or part of the actuarial process. Our actuarial teams support clients in adopting new financial reporting standards and in mergers and acquisitions by assessing products and helping with structuring deals and post-merger integration.


As an IT risk and assurance professional, you’ll help clients leverage technology to achieve a competitive advantage, advising on how to make IT more efficient and manage the risks associated with running IT operations. You’ll have the choice of working in IT Advisory or Cross-Advisory services

IT Risk Management

As an IT risk management professional, you’ll evaluate, define and implement risk, governance and regulatory compliance initiatives for your clients’ IT functions. You’ll also identify, configure and integrate the technology that helps these initiatives work effectively.

Application Risk

As an application risk professional, you’ll work with external audit, internal audit, IT departments and business functions to help implement and maintain reliable IT environments, systems and data. You’ll help rationalise and optimise controls and promote the effectiveness of processes, IT general controls and application controls by advising on continuous control monitoring strategies. You’ll also assess and help remedy any issues with large programs.

Infrastructure Risk

An as infrastructure risk professional, you’ll help your clients maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT and data. Your remit will include: privacy, security assessment, attack and penetration, identity access management, data loss prevention, security management and business continuity management.

Data Risk

As a data risk professional, you’ll help your clients improve their return on investment in data analytics technologies, showing them how analytics can make operations more scalable, more repeatable, and higher quality. You’ll also perform data migration planning for large-scale IT programs.

IT Assurance

As an IT assurance professional, you’ll conduct independent examinations of technology and business control environments to support our audit teams, helping your clients to secure trust from their customers.


Cross-Advisory professionals have specific technical skill-sets. They work across our Performance Improvement, Risk and IT Risk & Assurance groups.

IT Advisory

Working in our IT Advisory team you’ll develop insights into organisational culture and help align your clients’ technology with their people and processes.

People and Organisational Change

Working in our People and Organisational Change team, you’ll work with clients to help them manage their change management challenges. You’ll also help them to develop their capabilities to more effectively manage constant change. This might involve supporting your clients as they develop a clear and concise vision of the future for their organisations, or coaching the board to convey the right messages during times of change.


People in Advisory

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