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The experience you gain with EY will last you a lifetime. In fact, whatever you go on to in the future, you'll be able to take the knowledge and insights you've gained with you.

We can offer much more than just technical training. There’s the support you receive in developing business relationship skills. Working in high-performing teams, for instance, and collaborating with colleagues across borders, EY and you (EYU) is our career development framework, which is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to take ownership of your career.

Your development is the heart of our culture, but it centers on giving you the tools to progress in the direction you desire. We believe you'll do the best work you can when you have the freedom to map your own career path. And ultimately that means our clients will benefit too.

There are three key aspects to your development here: learning, experiences and coaching. Use these tabs to explore what each of them means.

Learn the way that works for you

There are two parts to our global learning curriculum. The first is designed to build your general business skills and acumen. The second is about constantly refreshing and enhancing your technical skills across our service lines so you can provide an improved service and form even better client relationships.

Aside from business skills, you’ll learn much about building relationships and leading people too — and those abilities are every bit as important for your career. We have a reputation for creating outstanding leaders, who have the knowledge and ethical framework to deliver exceptional results.

We currently offer more than 16,000 courses on our learning management system. Much of the learning we offer is web-based and it can be tailored to suit both your practical needs and the direction your career is headed.

You’ll also have a chance to participate in a number of milestone learning events to mark your progress, from Welcome to EY as a new joiner to the New Partner Programme.

The events, encounters and opportunities that will shape your career

We know that the most enriching and career-enhancing experiences are gained on the job, and we recognise this as a formal part of our career development framework. We do all we can to help you get the experiences you need.

With that in mind, our service lines plan assignments in ways that not only give our clients high-quality service, but also provide all our people with the best environment for their career development.

Working globally

Client secondments, cross-border and cross-service-line placements, both short- and long-term, domestic and international, are a real possibility. This enables you to work in different environments, which offer exciting and challenging experiences through a wide variety of assignments.

It will help you develop an inclusive mindset and thrive in an increasingly global market while matching our clients’ needs.

We also encourage you to use your professional skills to give back to the community. This will not only benefit others but will also add to your career and your life – enhancing your leadership, communication or project-management skills.

Helpful conversations and dedicated support

Coaching provides open, honest conversations between people at all levels throughout our organisation. This ranges from daily informal on-the-job discussions, through project feedback and periodic performance reviews.

We'll work with you closely in the early weeks and months. You'll have a counselor, who'll put time and effort into becoming an expert in you and your career development. They'll work with you to consider all the feedback you recieve and help you find the career path that will take you in the right direction.

You'll progress fast here because we provide our people with the highest quality feedback and support. We have increased our investment in formal couching and we also appoint coaching champions to create programmes and give feedback to leadership.

Our mentoring programme offers a chance for a combination of formal, structured conversations and less formal, ad-hock contact. And as your experience grows, you'll be able to pass your own knowledge on to new starters.


Careers On-the-job coaching helps you gain a broader perspective, increase clarity and address particular issues and challenges.

This practical, ongoing learning will improve your performace and help you get things right, the first time. Working with a colleague who can couach you on a work-related issue will often help you gain deeper insight into your own performace. Its one of the best ways to gain practical knowledge that you'll use time and time again.

Counselling – performance reviews

Careers Performance conversations allow you and your counselor to look back and evaluate your performace by bringing together and considering multiple views. They're an excellent way to identify where to focus your development efforts - so your next assignment can help you to improve performance further.

Counselling – career development

Careers In addition to performance reviews, career development conversations are also an important aspect of coaching at EY. These conversations should challenge you to explore your individual interests, aspirations, needs and options. They also create meaningful goals – both from an annual and a longer-term perspective.


Careers Mentoring provides support, insights and practical advice on a variety of professional development and career topics. At EY, we encourage our experienced professionals to provide mentoring to less experienced colleagues, through initiative such as the career advisor programme.