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The EY New Zealand Productivity Pulse

Productivity factors

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There is a strong link between motivation and productivity

Money is not a prime motivator in the workplace.

  • Across all industries and regions, the biggest motivators are “the work that I do”, followed by work/life balance.
  • Salary and incentives came in third, followed by employment security and “the people I work with”.

  • Healthcare and social assistance workers report that their employer does an outstanding job providing important and motivating work. They think their employer is also strong at delivering work/life balance and employment security. It is no surprise this group is well represented in the Super achievers.
  • Professional and technical workers are the most satisfied workers and believe their employers perform well on human capital -  “the people I work with” factor
  • Employers do not always expect ringing approval for salaries and bonuses, but manufacturing workers are least impressed, followed by retail and wholesale trade.
  • However, retail and wholesale trade workers report the second highest motivation levels after healthcare and social assistance, and the second highest satisfaction level in the workplace
  • Manufacturing workers are the least satisfied with their workplace.

Greater focus required on innovation

  • More productive workers believe that innovation is vital to productivity
  • These people agreed with the statement: “Good ideas get implemented in my organisation” and “there is a culture of continuous improvement in my organisation”
  • The Solid Contributors – 45% of the workforce – are convinced that further innovation will enable them to be more productive in the next 12 months
  • Half the workforce believe productivity would improve if their organisation became more innovative
  • Only 44% agree their organisation gives innovation the right level of focus and attention

Technology remains underutilised

  • Over two-thirds of New Zealand workers believe technology is important to their role
  • Fifty-nine percent believe improved technology would make them more productive
  • Less than two-thirds agree with the statement “I have access to the right technology to do my job effectively”
  • Public Sector workers use technology the least in a typical working day (4.74 hours a day), but also wasted the most time on technology issues (2.63 hours a week).




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