Entrepreneurial Winning Women


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EY - ArcAngel

The financial empowerment of women has long been proven to be a core component of economic development globally. As an organisation dedicated to facilitating investment into small businesses managed by women and strengthen their competitiveness, ArcAngels is proud to support EY’s Entrepreneurial Winning Women programme. The programme will help foster investor-ready businesses and create connections to the tools, mentors and capital they need to succeed.

Alex Mercer, Executive Director, ArcAngels

ASB entrepreneur logo

At ASB we are committed to creating a workplace culture that values and supports diverse perspectives. We therefore proud to support this fantastic leadership programme that will nurture promising women entrepreneurs and equip them with the tools to succeed in their chosen business endeavours.

Barbara Chapman, CEO, ASB


Co.OfWomen is an organisation developed and led by experienced, successful entrepreneurs to champion the success of entrepreneurial women. Having been on the journey we know first-hand the challenges women face in creating the success they see for themselves and their business, and the strengths that when harnessed can speed up that success.

We are thrilled to support the EWW programme with its commitment to championing success.

Tara Lorigan, Co.founder/CEO, Co.OfWomen


EY - University of Auckland Business School

Business is the principal engine of economic growth, employment creation and prosperity; the vehicle for improving living standards and quality of life for individuals and for entire societies. In the midst of today’s economic uncertainties there would be few who do not believe that better business practices are required to create a dynamic economy - an economy that is defined by all who operate within it which is why we are proud to be associated with the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women programme. Together we will build a bridge to a better world.

Amanda Stanes, Associate Director Donor Stewardship, University of Auckland Business School