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In a business environment that is increasingly global and complex, you want to ensure that you get advice to manage issues as efficiently and effectively as possible. In New Zealand our Law practitioners provide integrated, commercially-focused advice that addresses your needs and helps enable your businesses to thrive in different markets, with the aim of reducing legal and other risks.

Our approach

As a law firm providing boutique tax legal services we can provide individuals and companies with expert tax legal services. Our firm has a focus on tax advice, disputes and litigation for both individuals and companies. With today’s technology we are equipped to handle the most complex of tax disputes and to help safeguard against future disputes using the latest document management systems at all stages of commercial activity, through IRD information gathering, and if ultimately necessary, to discovery in litigation.

The New Zealand EY Law team draws on a vast range of experience from the public and private sector, with litigation experience in the District Court, Family Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.  Operating within an extensive global network of knowledge from dedicated Tax Policy and Controversy specialists, our clients enjoy the benefits of local and cross-border support as well as top-class efficiency throughout their tax lifecycle.

Legal Services

  • Immigration tax
  • Corporate/Company tax law advice
  • Tax advice in relation to trusts and transactions
  • Complex tax opinions
  • Discovery
  • Large scale tax disputes 
  • Tax and litigation advice
  • Direct and indirect tax issues
  • Proactive participation in Tax Policy and Legislative changes on behalf of clients

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Tax controversy Leader

Kirsty Keating

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