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Tax policy and controversy

The economic downturn and its impact on profits is increasing the pressure on tax directors.

Rapid globalisation has brought increasing interconnectivity between businesses, and permanent shifts in the flow of capital. Tax now has a higher profile, not only with company management but also with shareholders, regulators, the media and other industry observers.

Simultaneously navigating tax risk, dealing with revenue authorities, managing audit activity and dealing with tax disputes is increasingly complex, requiring a combination of excellent technical, strategic and sometimes global considerations. The increasingly global nature of tax and dealings with tax authorities, together with a notable rise in issues involving tax avoidance allegations, makes it essential that the management of these issues evolves to ensure that cross border risks, as well as local risks, are taken into account.

Our dedicated team of Tax Policy and Controversy professionals hold a unique mix of IRD and private sector experience of some forty nine years combined experience dealing with tax issues, disputes and litigation. Their technical expertise is combined with access to a range of specialists, including forensic accounting

EY's global Tax Policy and Controversy network also has extensive experience helping to develop and implement policy initiatives, as external advisers to governments and companies and as advisers inside government.

Our Approach
Proactive management is key to the prevention of issues and effective management of issues when they arise. Consideration of tax controversy from preliminary processes such as pre-filing and preparation, right through to audits and into formal disputes can help clients in a meaningful way, creating a robust system which will provide value and manage risk in the long term. This is increasingly important for high wealth and professional clients often targeted by Revenue Authorities.

In addition, our global tax controversy network works with you to address your global tax controversy, enforcement and disclosure needs. Our controversy professionals leverage the network's collective knowledge of how tax authorities operate, and increasingly work together to help resolve difficult or sensitive tax disputes in a manner that maximises your chances of positive outcomes.

To find out more about the services we offer in this area please contact us.



To find out more about the services we offer in this area please contact:


Kirsty Keating

+64 9 300 7073

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