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We are witnessing a highly complex and fast-moving economic environment with even the most successful businesses facing new and unexpected challenges. As businesses focus on responding to these challenges, the strategy around effective structuring is often neglected giving rise to increasingly complex structures, which can lead to underperformance.

Each restructuring scenario calls for different specialist skills and we offer a broad range of services that are tailored to your individual situation to help you evaluate opportunities, optimise transactions and achieve your strategic goals.

Our restructuring services include:

  • Corporate restructuring:
    We help companies and investors improve their total expected return in times of uncertainty and deteriorating performance and growth. We support you in managing work-out or turn-around processes and in allocating capital and investment — evaluating your business plans objectively. We also devise strategies to address potential covenant breaches, negotiating with stakeholders and complying with insolvency and other requirements.
  • Working capital management:
    We help you improve cash flows and release value in current capital accounts (receivables, payables, inventories), thereby improving overall liquidity and offering effective strategies for managing credit lines.
  • Capital markets:
    We work with you to develop optimal and flexible debt and equity capital structures and competitive financing programs. We analyse the choices, present you with the alternatives and offer recommendations.
  • Distressed corporate advisory:
    We can assist companies and help address the cash-flow challenges that result from economic conditions, financier pressure and/or capital structure. We assist managers of companies experiencing cash flow difficulties and restore a constructive dialogue with financiers and creditors.
  • Insolvency management:
    In the unfortunate case where you are dealing with insolvency, our professionals have the experience and qualifications around insolvency management to help you achieve the optimal outcome whether you are a creditor, director or company.

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