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New Zealand Private Equity and Venture Capital Monitor Mid-market underpins quiet year for private equity markets last year from the activity seen in 2011. Learn more in our 2012 full year review. 20130401April 2013
NZVCA Monitor In this ninth full year edition of the New Zealand Private Equity and Venture Capital Monitor, we provide you with a more detailed review of the 2011 year. 20111019April 2012
Australasian Capital Confidence Barometer Our Australasian barometer shows that corporate confidence in the global outlook is steadily improving and local companies are positioned for growth 20111019April 2012
Global Capital Confidence Barometer Our latest report indicates that conservatism is driving the M&A outlook down and appetite for divestment up. 20111019April 2012
Top 10 IPO readiness challenges Executive summary analyses the top 10 IPO readiness challenges from the perspective on C-level executives worldwide who have already experienced success in their value journey. 20111019April 2012
The Leading Edge In the eighth edition we provide you with out 2012 Transaction market outlook. 20111019March 2012
Global Private Equity Watch Tenacity, focus, determination, these attributes are the essence of what make an entrepreneur, they are also at the heart of the new paradigm for PE. 20111019March 2012
Mergers, Acquisition and Capital Raising Looking for value in volatility, we look at the major trends in transactions and financing in 2011 and the outlook for 2012. 20111019February 2012
IT as a driver of M&A success Together with Mergermarket, we surveyed 220 senior corporate and private equity executives about the challenges and risks that IT can present in the transaction process. 20111019December 2011
Asia Pacific Private Equity Outlook With private equity activity on the rise in Asia Pacific, our survey identifies trends and challenges over 2012 and beyond. 20111019November 2011
Size matters in working capital The size of a company indicates the strength of its working capital performance. Find out why large companies have lower WC requirements in our insights report. 20111019November 2011
Securing a more valuable carve-out - the role of tax planning The number of companies selling a business through a carve-out transaction is likely to increase significantly over the next two years. Read issue 8 of Capital Agenda Insights. 20111019November 2011
Australasian Capital Confidence Barometer: Cashed up but cautious Our Australasian barometer shows companies are taking a generally cautious approach, shifting focus from investing and optimising capital to preserving relatively high levels of cash. 20110607October 2011
Financing Australia's infrastructure needs: Superannuation investment in infrastructure A research report released by the Financial Services Council and produced by EY shows a number of regulatory, structural and political barriers must be removed before Australia’s $1.3 trillion superannuation sector can play a larger role in financing the nation’s infrastructure needs. 20110623October 2011
Cash on the prescription: pharmaceutical companies and working capital Pharmaceutical companies in the US and Europe improved working capital performance in 2010 compared with 2009. Was this improvement enough to reverse the previous deterioration? 20110623October 2011
The Leading Edge - September 2011 This seventh edition showcases new thinking for your M&A strategies around carbon pricing, Chinese buyers and the power of data analytics. For those businesses facing more challenging conditions we also look at turnaround strategies, the slow but steady process of rebuilding Christchurch and the mounting pressure for affordable housing in the struggling real estate sector. 20110623September 2011
Globalisation 3.0 Whatever short-term volatility may be ahead, our analysis supports that the longer-range trend is toward a broader geographical distribution of market leading enterprises. 20110614July 2011
Joint ventures and divestitures: oil and gas With regulatory and operational changes, the oil and gas market is likely to see a steady stream of joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our latest Transaction trends outlines important factors to consider for your growth strategy in this changing sector. 20110614June 2011
Companies continue to tie up working capital Learn why companies still have over US$1.1 trillion in cash unnecessarily tied up in working capital. 20110527June 2011
Cash on the table: working capital in consumer products Increased competition and consolidation in retail and volatile commodity prices have forced the consumer products industry to intensify its focus on cash, cost efficiency and working capital. 20110513June 2011
Cash on the chip: working capital in technology The US technology industry has experienced rapid evolution in recent years and technology organisations are now more global, portfolio offerings have expanded and operating models are more efficient. 20110520June 2011
Cash on the road: working capital in the automotive industry While there is evidence of progress in some areas of working capital, we see significant opportunity for improvement across the entire working capital value chain for the automotive industry. 20110520June 2011
The Leading Edge – May 2011 The sixth edition of The Leading Edge has a clear focus on providing insight into trends in the transaction arena in FY12 and delivering optimum deal satisfaction and best practice integration strategies. 20110520May 2011
Australasian Capital Confidence Barometer: Ripe for the picking TOur fourth Australasian Capital Confidence Barometer reports that growth is now a priority, with smaller players looking at organic investment, demergers back in play and corporates honing in on emerging markets. 20110521May 2011
Confidence in the global economy continues to climb Our fourth Capital Confidence Barometer reports that confidence in the global economy has almost doubled in the last six months. 20110401May 2011
Toward transaction excellence When a business has a highly skilled corporate development officer (CDO) and corporate development team that is committed to continually improving strategy, strong deal value and satisfaction can result. 20110103May 2011
Global IPO activity continues to rebound in 2011 The enhanced appetite for transactions has led to an increase in the volume and value of M&A in today’s economy. Find out why in our M&A maturity report, which provides a high-level summary of risks and opportunities for M&A transactions in 175 countries around the world. 20110131May 2011
Integration is key to successful acquisitions Based on insights from post-deal transaction reviews and results from our recent survey of leading corporate development officers, this report highlights winning tactics for successful integrations. 20110301May 2011
Eight ways to capture value through carve-outs Carve-outs are again emerging as an attractive option for both sellers and buyers. See some winning tactics buyers and sellers can use now, and six costly mistakes to avoid. 20110201May 2011
Cash on the prescription: working capital management 2010 The top 14 US and European pharmaceutical companies may have up to US$37b tied up unnecessarily in working capital. How can pharma companies correct this? 20111019May 2011
NZVCA Monitor In this eighth full year edition of the New Zealand Private Equity and Venture Capital Monitor, we provide you with a more detailed review of the 2010 year. 20110112April 2011
Full steam ahead: Brazilian economy on track for substantial growth The Central Bank of Brazil predicts a 7% annual growth rate over the next few years. What's driving this increase in optimism? Learn more about the improved capital and credit environment that is encouraging renewed investor interest in the country. 20110112April 2011
Global venture capital insights and trends The last decade was anything but normal for the global venture industry. Today, as the economy shows signs of improvement, we see some clear trends in the venture industry as it emerges from the preceding turbulent decade and positions itself for success in the coming one. 20101206March 2011
M&A maturity: Assessing risks and opportunities The enhanced appetite for transactions has led to an increase in the volume and value of M&A in today’s economy. Find out why in our M&A maturity report, which provides a high-level summary of risks and opportunities for M&A transactions in 175 countries around the world. 20101201January 2011
Challenging assumptions: how to build confidence in uncertain times Capital Agenda Insights: Board directors and lenders are asking tougher questions and demanding better answers about the merits of transactions. 20101101January 2011
Working capital performance improves in telecommunications Performance against working capital metrics in the telecommunications industry is a mixed bag: Companies in developed markets have made great progress in the past decade, although challenges still exist in emerging markets. Our benchmarking study reveals how the most effective working capital management strategies are being implemented. 20101001January 2011

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