Improving business performance

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You’re under pressure to make your business as effective and profitable as possible – not just to survive in the present, but to take advantage of opportunities in the future.

Many businesses are undertaking radical cost reduction exercises at the moment, but in doing so they run the risk of damaging their operational effectiveness. We believe this risk can be reduced by taking a structured, holistic approach that focuses simultaneously on cutting costs and improving performance.

EY can work with you to take cost out of your value chain and improve the processes that support it – in a way that drives long-term and significant savings. First we evaluate your entire cost base, examine working capital and revenue optimization practices. Then we assess your core processes, your current risks and the controls you have in place, as well as the way key programs are being managed. We then work with you to execute any necessary changes.

By taking this approach to reducing costs and improving performance, you can achieve significant benefits throughout your organization – both now and in the future. It’ll put you in a good position to survive the downturn and emerge strongly at the first signs of recovery.

What’s the future of Risk, Control and Compliance?

Centralized operating models represent an opportunity to manage risk more effectively and drive down cost. Have you kept pace with the rest of your business?

Matching Internal Audit talent to business needs

Corporate leaders are demanding that IA improve visibility, become strategic advisors and deliver lasting value. Our 2013 Global Internal Audit survey explains this shifting mandate.

Maximizing value from your lines of defense

Many companies have a renewed focus on effective risk management. We present a pragmatic approach to establishing and optimizing your lines of defense (LOD) model.

Business pulse: top 10 risks and opportunities

Globalization and lingering effects of the financial crisis have intensified the competitive landscape. How can you mitigate risks and maximize opportunities?

Smart Control: reducing cost, enabling growth and keeping the business safe

Balancing value, cost and risk in processes and controls helps create a competitive advantage. Becoming streamlined helps you anticipate and respond to changes.

Finance performance improvement starts with framework

Amid signs of economic recovery, we suggest in The future of Finance (pdf, 248.8kb) that CFOs establish and implement a holistic framework that identifies weaknesses and potential improvements, and which helps enable Finance to be more effective, lower costs and help deliver more value to the bottom line.

Supply chain sustainability

The growing urgency around green issues and sustainability is increasing pressure on the supply chain and procurement arenas to respond and introduce new measures. In "Green for go: supply chain sustainability" (pdf, 749kb), we look at the business case for sustainability and the benefits that can be achieved by integrating sustainability issues into supply chain management.