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APEC CEO Summit 2012 - EY - Russia

Bill Hutchison, Executive Director,
Center for Smart Cities Innovation,
EY, Session moderator.

Making cities fit for business, their people and the planet

This discussion will focus on how cities develop and expand (what are the main forces behind urbanisation?), and the necessity for their infrastructure to meet the increasing needs of both business and society.

Urbanisation occurs naturally as individuals and companies try to reduce the time and expense of commuting and transportation while improving opportunities for jobs, education, housing and transportation. This process is closely linked to other trends such as industrialisation and modernisation.

How far will urbanisation extend and what influence will it have on the environment and society? One of the central challenges is to make the cities of the future ecologically viable.

Vladimir Androsik, Chairman of APEC National Business Center, and Oleg Danilin, EY’s partner, discussed the importance of the APEC CEO Summit and expectations of its participants in RBC’s Dialogue. Watch video.
Making cities fit for business, their people and the planet

Bill Hutchison, Executive Director, Center for Smart Cities Innovation, EY, Session moderator

The APEC CEO Summit is an annual business forum for representatives of the Asia-Pacific business elite, held as a part of a series of meetings organized for Heads of State and senior government officials from all APEC member economies.

APEC is:
  • 21 Asia-Pacific economies
  • 54,9% of the world’s GDP
  • 47,1% of the world’s goods and services trade
  • 44,5% of the world’s total accumulated direct investments
  • 39,9% of the world’s population

On September 7-8, 2012 the CEO Summit was held for the first time in Russia, on Russky Island, Vladivostok.

The official operator on organization and arranging of the CEO APEC Summit is the APEC National Business Center (the APEC NBC), established in 2011 to promote the interests of Russian business in the Asia-Pacific region. In March 2012, APEC’s National Business Center and EY entered into a cooperation agreement. Key areas of cooperation include:

  • Assistance in preparing the agenda of the APEC CEO Summit to be held on 7-8 September and participation in developing and organizing specific sessions
  • Preparation of Russia’s priority initiatives in the framework of Russia’s chairmanship of the APEC Business Advisory Council.

One of the accepted initiatives developed and offered by EY to the APEC Business Advisory Council is unified standards for the transfer of technology (Intexterms). Learn more from an RBC Daily article.

Watch our video on Energy presented at the APEC Energy ministers’ meeting on 24 June 2012 in St. Petersburg.

Skolkovo may become the first eco-city
On the initiative of Russia, APEC chair in 2012, EY developed standards for the construction of eco-cities. See an RBC Daily article for details on recommended initiatives and regulatory actions.
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