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APEC CEO Summit 2012 - EY - Russia

Bill Hutchison, Executive Director,
Center for Smart Cities Innovation,
EY, Session moderator.

Making cities fit for business, their people and the planet

This discussion will focus on how cities develop and expand (what are the main forces behind urbanisation?), and the necessity for their infrastructure to meet the increasing needs of both business and society.

Urbanisation occurs naturally as individuals and companies try to reduce the time and expense of commuting and transportation while improving opportunities for jobs, education, housing and transportation. This process is closely linked to other trends such as industrialisation and modernisation.

How far will urbanisation extend and what influence will it have on the environment and society? One of the central challenges is to make the cities of the future ecologically viable.

Skolkovo may become the first eco-city
On the initiative of Russia, APEC chair in 2012, EY developed standards for the construction of eco-cities. See an RBC Daily article for details on recommended initiatives and regulatory actions.
Making cities fit for business, their people and the planet

Bill Hutchison, Executive Director, Center for Smart Cities Innovation, EY, Session moderator

EY involvement in organizing the APEC Summit

Alexander Ivlev,
Country Managing Partner for Russia,
EY, says:

Drawing up an agenda that is interesting and relevant for all APEC member countries is a challenging task in view of the diversity of APEC economies. It is very important that Russia proposed a number of initiatives.

Russia managed to formulate an agenda of interest to APEC countries while taking into account Russia's interests. I hope that many of these initiatives will be implemented in future, including in the Russian Federation.

EY will also present interesting surveys for discussion at the summit. We are ready to share the vision that top politicians and businesspeople have of Russian investment climate development and to discuss ways of rapidly developing the country. The summit sessions will allow us to formulate further important initiatives and approaches to addressing the most acute issues both in Russia and globally.

November 2011August 2012
Ernst & Young took part in several events and initiatives in preparing for the APEC summit. In December 2011, Alexander Ivlev, EY Country Managing Partner for Russia, took part in a symposium where APEC priorities were set for 2012.

On 25 June 2012, Victor Borodin, EY CIS Oil and Gas Tax Leader, spoke at a meeting of APEC energy ministers. At the meeting, representatives of twenty-one countries discussed current development trends in the energy sector.

EY specialists have also joined working groups to prepare Russian initiatives on technology transfer and the development of eco-cities. The APEC Business Advisory Council’s annual report to APEC Economic Leaders will include the following initiatives prepared by EY specialists:

  • Report on measures to develop eco-cities in APEC member countries and a new "green" construction standard
  • Project for international treaty (convention) development, aimed at establishing uniform requirements for agreements on technology rights transfer that are entered into by companies in the APEC region.

On 23 August 2012, Oleg Danilin, Ernst & Young’s partner, took part in a press conference organized by Interfax to discuss customs challenges and lack of transport infrastructure in Russia. For photos and key findings of the meeting, please visit the Summit’s official website.

Vladimir Androsik, Chairman of APEC National Business Center, and Oleg Danilin, EY’s partner, discussed the importance of the APEC CEO Summit and expectations of its participants in RBC’s Dialogue. Watch video.
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