• FinTech in Russia: Key Trends

    The FinTech market in Moscow and St Petersburg left behind the world’s major financial centers, in particular due to popular online payments and money transfers.

  • Accelerating banking's technological transformation

    While regulation and market changes put pressure on banks’ profitability, a new threat has also emerged: technology-enabled companies that are changing the way customers obtain financial services.

  • Are we nearly there yet? New challenges ahead for Financial Services internal audit

    New standards elevating internal audit's role have been positive, and regulators, audit committees and internal audit leadership are now asking whether further change is still ahead.

  • The future of banking in emerging markets

    Sparked by the pace and promise of innovation, smart banks in the emerging markets are changing the game.

  • European Banking Barometer 2016

    Our seventh European Banking Barometer illustrates how senior banking executives view the macroeconomic outlook and what impact it may have on the banking industry in 2016.

  • European Banking Authority 2016 stress test

    In February 2016 the European Banking Authority launched their largest-scale stress test on several European banks. Going forward, it will form a critical component of European regulatory tools.

  • Regulating from within

    As banks face an array of challenges, will rethinking strategy help them thrive? We explore trends that will impact their strategies to drive a sustainable future.

  • Single Resolution Mechanism: Getting a headstart

    A bank’s resolution strategy will aim to achieve the continuity of its critical functions as a going concern while minimizing the impact of the resolution on financial stability and with minimal recourse to public resources.Such strategy will be laid out in a detailed resolution plan.

  • Single Resolution Mechanism: Resolution planning

    The SRM will shape Eurozone banking by assessing resolvability and setting a minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities. We can help you take a proactive approach.

Guiding an industry in transition

Amid significant global regulatory reform, banks and securities firms are faced with numerous challenges and sweeping changes. How should banks' operating models evolve? Where are the greatest opportunities for growth? What is the most effective way to raise and manage capital?

These are some of the questions banks are wrestling with as they seek to comply with new regulations while meeting the expectations of customers and shareholders for service, transparency and return-on-investment.

We provide guidance in these key areas:

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