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Журнал Reporting Assurance. Reporting — magazine is a new publication that addresses the broad issues around reporting and governance. The magazine contains a mixture of business, regulatory and investor issues and aims to put financial reporting in a business context.
Ежеквартальный журнал Advisory. Performance is a quarterly publication with an established reputation as a forum for discussing practical, as well as theoretical, business issues. The Performance web portal contains articles and commentary relevant to the journal and is a great source of innovative ideas and thinking for business professionals.
Журнал T Magazine Tax. T Magazine is EY’s periodical magazine focused on the dynamic tax environment faced by companies operating in EMEIA. T Magazine seeks to place tax issues and developments in the context of the current economic and regulatory environment, and to provide deeper insights that clients need to navigate their organizations through these times of unprecedented change. You can discover here global tax news, tax insights, trends and leading companies’ best practices.
Журнал Capital Insights Transactions. Capital Insights is an EMEIA Transactions magazine focused on helping businesses raise, invest, preserve and optimize capital. This quarterly, high-profile, client publication is aimed at senior finance professionals and each edition includes analysis, trends and commentary around managing capital in the current economic and regulatory environment.
Поддержка Entrepreneurship. Exceptional magazine, which is published biannually, looks at entrepreneurs and fast growth leaders, and provides innovative insight that helps businesses grow beyond traditional boundaries in this tough economic climate.
Прогноз развития быстрорастущих рынков Emerging markets. Rapid Growth markets forecast is magazine which outlines all important developments in the emerging markets.

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