Goodwill Valuation (IFRS/US GAAP)

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Goodwill Valuation (IFRS/US GAAP)
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1 day /
8 academic hours / 8 CPD units /
7 CPE credits

Required level of preparation
Basic knowledge of IFRS/ US GAAP In case of knowledge lack the trainings on Conceptual Framework and Presentation of Financial Statements (IFRS/US GAAP, Accounting for Non-current Assets (IFRS/US GAAP), Accounting Estimates in Preparation of Financial Statements (IFRS/ US GAAP), should be attended.
Who should attend
  • Financial directors
  • Financial analysts in the companies, which are parts of international financial groups (holdings)
  • Chief and senior accountants.
  • To study key elements of a businesses acquired for goodwill (business reputation) valuation and accounting when consolidation
  • To distinguish correlation between goodwill (business reputation) and deferred taxation
  • To analyze indicators of impairment and consequences of reduction in fair value of the acquired business
  • To learn technique of goodwill (business reputation) impairment on practical examples.
Course specifics
Training materials combine aspects of goodwill (business reputation) accounting and valuation that are based on the latest changes in IFRS and US GAAP published lately.
Training methodology
  • Training is conducted in an interactive form and includes a number of case studies.
  • Training participants are provided with specifically designed training materials in Russian.

Training outline

  • Identifying a business combination
  • Goodwill (business reputation) as an element of a business acquired:
    • Consideration transferred in a business combination
    • Recognition and evaluation of net identified assets of the acquired company
    • Valuation method of non-controlling interest
    • Goodwill (business reputation) and influence of measurement period on its initial cost
    • Goodwill (business reputation) and deferred taxation
  • Subsequent goodwill (business reputation) valuation:
    • Goodwill (business reputation) as part of cash generating unit
    • Definition of recoverable amount of cash generating unit
    • Allocation of impairment losses of cash generating unit to goodwill (business reputation) and other assets
    • Goodwill (business reputation) impairment effect attributable to non-controlling interest
    • Information disclosure in Financial Statements.

Certificates of the EY Academy of Business.
Recommended training scheme
Place and time
Open trainings are conducted at EY Academy of Business from 9:30 to 16:30.
In-company training
  • Preliminary analysis of clients’ training needs, identification of aims and goals
  • Training adaptation industry
  • Flexible approach to training location and schedules
  • Report on the training results.