Recognition and Measurement of Income and Expenses (IFRS / US GAAP)

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Recognition and Measurement of Income and Expenses (IFRS / US GAAP)
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1 days /
8 academic hours /
8 CPD-units /
7 CPE credits
Who should attend
  • Financial directors
  • Financial managers
  • Chief accountants
  • Accountants
  • Internal auditors
  • Internal controllers
  • Employees of financial services, who are familiar with the basics of accounting.
  • To continue studying financial accounting methods according to IFRS and US GAAP
  • Consider the following International financial reporting standards:
    • IFRS (IAS) 18 «Revenue»
    • IFRIC 13 «Customer Loyalty Programs»
    • IFRIC 15 «Agreements for the Construction of Real Estate»
  • To consider the documents regulating accounting rules according to US GAAP
    • ASC 605 «Revenue Recognition»
    • ASC 970 «Real Estate - General».
Training methodology 
  • Training is conducted in an interactive form and includes a number of case studies.
  • Training participants are provided with specially designed training materials in Russian.

Training outline

Recognition and measurement of revenue and expenses

  • Scope of standard application and definitions
  • Revenue measurement and operation identification
  • Sale of goods
  • Rendering services
  • Revenue from interest, royalty and dividends
  • IFRIC 13 Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Revenue recognition on construction contracts
    • IFRIC 15 «Agreements for the Construction of Real Estate»
  • Disclosure requirements.

Certificates of the EY Academy of Business.

Place and time
Open trainings are conducted at EY Academy of Business from 9:30 to 16:30.

In-company training
  • Preliminary analysis of clients’ training needs, identification of aims and goals
  • Training adaptation to industry
  • Flexible approach to training location
  • Report on the training results.
Recommended training scheme