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Innovative Future of Russia’s Cities

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Global Transformation and Urban Centers

Cities are a primary driver of economic growth, innovation and opportunity. Cities are the powerful magnets for highly skilled and educated workers and gateways for new immigrants. They are the centers of business, generators, suppliers and attractors of financial capital. They are important trade hubs for both goods and services, and the focal points of global commerce. They house substantial infrastructure assets and major institutions that power regional prosperity and the nation’s quality of life. These critical characteristics make cities strategic leverage points for strengthening the national economy and competitiveness.

The scale and pace of urbanization is transforming our world. For the first time, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban centers. The scale and pace of urbanization is straining physical infrastructure, fiscal capacity and natural resources. Mass urbanization is challenging institutions and governance structures that often lack the capacity and flexibility to respond to fast-paced growth. Top 600 cities worldwide account for more than 60 per cent of global GDP. By 2025, one of every three cities in the developed world and one out of 20 cities in emerging-market economies that were part of the 2007 list will no longer make the top 600.

Is your city ready for these changes? Are you ready to stay among top cities or become one of them?

The Fortunes of Cities Will Depend on the Strategies They Adopt

Many cities are exploring the “Smart City” or Intelligent Community concept to improve efficiencies, optimize how they use largely finite resources and become better places to live and make business. They are deploying new information and communications technology to strengthen social and business services across different sectors and to build an intelligent digital nervous system supporting urban operations. By incorporating information and communications technology and strategically exploiting the vast amounts of data they generate, smart cities can make buildings more efficient, reduce energy consumption and waste, and make better use of renewable energy. They can manage traffic intelligently, monitor how infrastructure performs, provide better communications infrastructures, deliver services much more efficiently, and enhance citizens’ access to government.

Many cities around the world have already launched “smart city” initiatives to support sustainable urban development, improve economical and employment growth, increase social innovation. First successes are already achieved and lessons learnt. There is no "one best model“, each successful community develops strategies based on its unique history and challenges, and overcomes specific local obstacles to put programs into place. But successful strategies share many common elements, and communities can learn enormous amounts from each other's successes and failures, and by sharing with others, speed their own development as well.

The EY Center for Smart City Innovation

The EY Center for Smart City Innovation is a think tank to establish thought leadership in smart city/intelligent community and innovation areas in Russia and CIS countries. We provide advice on the creation of strategies and implementation plans based on global lessons learned and the experience of EY professionals.

The Center has a unique combination of line management operating experience blended with world class research and advisory services. Members of the Center include renowned experts in the smart city/intelligent community field who have been studying the subject for years and have directing and hands-on management experience in various Smart City initiatives around the world: US, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, Japan.

The Center continues to grow through global affiliations and partnerships with other leaders in this field. The blend of EY global network combined with our partners and affiliations provides a focal point for best in class global experience, research and thought leadership.

The Center covers not only smart technological and environmental dimensions, but focuses on smart social, governance and collaboration aspects as well.

We know how to make communities more prosperous, welcoming and comfortable for residents, business, entrepreneurs, investors, visitors. We know how to create new innovative jobs and attract small startups and large companies.

The Center provides the following services:

  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Business Planning
  • Organization Design
  • Marketing and Business Attraction
  • Urban Planning
  • Finance (PPP)
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Technology, Telecom, Next Generation Networks
  • Accounting, Tax, Legal.