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Exceptional CIS, September 2012-January 2013 - Welcome - EY - Russia

Exceptional CIS, September 2012-January 2013


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Entrepreneurial business leaders know that, in an increasingly globalized economy, sustainable growth often depends on a willingness to look beyond domestic borders.

Many of the entrepreneurs we spoke to told us that they are taking advantage of opportunities in emerging markets, with Asian and Latin American countries frequently identified as high-growth regions.

Our cover star, Anatoly Sedykh, CEO of OMK — one of Russia’s biggest metals groups — has grand plans to expand his company’s operations overseas. While the majority of the world’s steel industry is struggling, OMK is winning new contracts domestically and has its sights set on Africa or the Near East. For him, taking calculated risks is integral to the company’s long-term business plan.

One entrepreneur who has established a truly international business model is Randa Ayoubi, CEO of animation company Rubicon Group Holdings. In her quest to introduce multimedia technology into education — “edutainment” — she has steered the Jordanian company toward huge international growth.

A strong product development strategy is key to long-term growth, something both Alessandro Benetton, Chairman of the Benetton Group, and Andreas Kaufman, Chairman of the Leica Camera AG’s supervisory board, know from experience. Both companies have used their legacies as respected and high-quality brands to venture into new markets.

Thinking in the long term while growing at a rapid pace is the next big challenge for another of the entrepreneurs interviewed here: Mikael Hed, one of the faces behind the success of the Angry Birds app. At his Finland-based company, Rovio Entertainment, he has shown how to build a global entertainment empire in record time.

This issue also explores how EY’s Strategic Growth Forum — part of our ongoing program of events — are unlocking entrepreneurial potential all around the world, helping both young and experienced business leaders discover new opportunities in different markets.

Karl Johansson,
CIS Sub-Area
Managing Partner,

 Dmitry Neverko,
CIS SGM Leader,

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